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  1. Default Fishing report-Lower Provo, Utah

    Over the weekend, I finally got the chance to get on the river. The water levels were down aobut 6 inches so we were able to cross. We had a good day. Even with the full moon the night before, the caddis and PMD hatches were consistant. The water was still running fast so there wasn't any dry fly action, but we had great success with pheasant tail and floating nymphs. For the caddis, we used a green latex midge.


  2. Default Re: Fishing report-Lower Provo, Utah

    I was in Idaho this weekend, but next time you wanna try the lower, give a heads up. I would love to try it.
    I even tied up a few BIG green drakes as that is what I had luck on at the Middle. Any on the lower?

  3. Default Re: Fishing report-Lower Provo, Utah

    I say quite a few of those. It might be a few weeks before I can go again. I have a family reunion on the August 2nd at Vivian park, so I might try again then. I'll let you know if i will be going that day.


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