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  1. Default Football seasons a month away

    Anybody else getting the jones for football. I've been keepin up with Bronco's training camp but I need some games. First preseason game is Aug 9 at Houston. GO BRONCOS!!!

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    Default Re: Football seasons a month away

    I've been watching also, but I sure with the Broncos still had jason Elam!


  3. Default Re: Football seasons a month away

    That was just plain stupid to let Elam get away. I watched a video of Matt Prater on the Broncos website. He didn't look like he was very confident. Yesterday at camp he was kicking the ball out of the endzone from the far 10 yard line. He's got a foot, just hope he's accurate

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    Default Re: Football seasons a month away

    I used to go to a game or two every year before I got married. The wife and I keep saying it's time to go again.

    Jay Cutler is gonna rip the field up this year! I hope.....

  5. Default Re: Football seasons a month away

    Yea Fysh,
    We never have enough Bronco fans.
    Back when the "Dough Boy" (Wade Phillips '99) was coach I was working for a local newspaper and got to photograph and interview the players (field/press pass). Got to meet and interview Elway. Now those were good times.
    Cutler is looking real sharp, Brandon is awesome, Stokley's healthy. Woof!
    Hope the "D" is better this year. Prater still needs to practice kicking the ball straighter, but man he's sure can hit it long on kickoffs!

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