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  1. Default indiana trout fishing

    was wondering if any could tell me flies that would work this time of year for trout in indiana this time of year? going out with big do next weekend for trout.(first time for me first time for big don with fly rod) should be interesting.

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    Try this link

    It has a chart for insects that are hatching in Indiana by month and the fly that matches them. They are selling the flies there but you can look at the patterns and tie them (or reasonable imitations) yourself.

    Have fun. My advice? Concentrate on not scaring the fish (approaching the water and during casting) and in presenting the fly the way a natural insect would look to the trout and worry less about the exact type of fly you have.

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    thanks for the link. just talked to my peacock source bringing feathers today and many others from all over the bird. not sure what all she is bringing. if i end up with all the feathers that people are gathering for me i'll have tons of feathers.

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    Default Re: indiana trout fishing

    Most of what is sold and used for fly tying are the tail feathers. I think their neck and chest feathers would be quite usefull too. Hmm, wings might be too.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    she mainly grabbed tail feathers this time. did get some gorgeus wing feathers light golden brown. and got some light feathers look like maybe from leading edges of the wings not sure. she asked if those were the ones that i wanted and i told her that i'd take anything that she had.

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