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Thread: Been Awhile!

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    Default Been Awhile!

    Hey Ya'll,

    It's been awhile since I've checked in here and I just wanted to say hi. To say things have been a little hectic for me lately would be an understatement LOL.

    I finally had surgery for my hernia a week ago today and am glad to have that behind me! Still moving a little slow, but it gets better every day. I've got an appointment this afternoon to find out what my limitations will be when I go back to work on Monday. Speaking of which....

    I (along with close to 800 others) was given a pink slip out of the blue on August 22nd. Fortunately, I was already looking for another job and accepted an offer the Tuesday before that. Best of all, it worked out to about 15% more pay, better benefits, and WAY better hours. Now I'll be able to spend more time with loved ones on "normal" weekends.

    It still hurts to see so many friends that made the old company their life, only to have their dreams thrown out with the trash. It's too bad and I don't expect this company to return in force any time soon. Just too many lies and bridges burned. At least my surgery was taken care of under workman's comp. Or at least the bill collectors haven't shown up yet LOL.

    In the meantime, we've been busy tying flies and putting away the Hatch green chili. There's 80 pounds of the roasted ones in medium and hot in the freezer. I just hope that'll last until next year. Fishing's been a little tough the last few times we've been out and we're looking forward to the "dog days" ending soon! By the end of this month I should be healed enough and the fish cooperating a little more.

    Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. I've kinda missed it around here.


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    Default Re: Been Awhile!

    Good to see ya back around...and that the surgery and the new job are going well...

    Ive been scarce as well, deployed on task force for the hurricanes along the gulf coast....

    Take care,


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    Default Re: Been Awhile!


    Good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about the old job, but it sounds like your headed in the right direction with the new one!
    Hope you heal up soon and get out FISHING!


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    Thanks Guys!

    It's gonna be nice going to the new job tommorow and working on "real" planes for a change. DC-9s, DeHavilland Twin Otters, a Lear 35, and a Gulfstream G-3. While it's older stuff, they're all really well maintained. I was talking to my old boss this weekend and he said they cut 12 of the 16 positions on our old crew. Production's been cut back from about 5 planes a week, to less than that for an entire month. Drastic doesn't even come close to describing the situation and the ones left behind are wondering how long they'll have a job. It really was a blessing to get the axe when I did, as good aviation jobs are hard to come by here.

    The appointment on Friday went really well and I'm restricted to lifting about 30 pounds for the next 3 weeks and should be back to my old self after that. The timing should be about right for cooler weather and hopefully better fishing!


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