On the topic of "rebuilding what should be rebuilt" I came across the web page of radio station WWOZ that plays "NO jazz and heritage music". Right now they are only broadcasting/streaming on the web as they are "in exile" and I don't think they can use their actual studio/offices. Its a listener supported and volunteer operated station and right now they're asking for some financial help to continue what they do. From http://wwoz.org/welcome.shtml, you can listen to their stream and its one of the best collections of the music of NOLA I've ever heard. Its a mix of old stuff and newer funky stuff too. Oh yeah, its commercial free for now too.

While I don't think it makes sense to spend billions rebuilding a city by the sea in a sinking sink, I think it would be a **** shame if the music of NOLA was no longer available via this site to the rest of the country. I think any fans of the music will enjoy what they're still giving us despite their misfortune.