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    Default another newby! and he's english!

    Hi all.

    I am a sea and freshwater fisherman. although, I would like to take up the noble art of fly fishing at some point in my life. At present I only 'Dream of casting the fly.' Naturally, as I am only dreaming I can cast easily and catch trout every cast. But, for the time being I am here for the pleasure to be found in your forum.
    You look to be a great crowd although looks can be deceptive. I like a bit of humour. Life is too short to get too serious.
    Yours Sincerely, cb1 (Refined English Gentleman and retired failure/procrastinator.)

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    Default Re: another newby! and he's english!

    Hi cb1,

    Welcome to the forum. Maybe we can get you to give fly fishing a try. If you read some of the post you will see fly fishing is not just about catching fish. Fly fishing works well in fresh and salt. I suggest you visit a local fly shop and ask them to demonstrate how to fly cast. They will even let you give it a try. You will be surprised at how easy it is with a little help.

    Then there is fly tying. Many very good fly tiers don't fish. I know that sounds funny but it is true.


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    Default Re: another newby! and he's english!

    Thanks for the welcome Frank, I look forward to joining in.
    Fly tying I am not sure of as I am all thumbs, and a menace with glue and sticky stuff.
    But, I do like the artistry of a nice fly. I look forward to some good banter to make the coming cold winter nights enjoyable.
    Thank you again,
    Roy. (cb1)

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    Default Re: another newby! and he's english!

    Scotsmen (Apparently) wear nothing under the kilt.
    True Englishmen NEVER EVER wear womens silk undergarments! My Goodness Sir! who would spoil the look of a nice summer frock by having silk underneath!
    No Sir! I prefer the rough woollen Bloomers myself!

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