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  1. Default Madison River Fishing Trip (Island Park)

    I just wanted to let everyone know how my trip to the Island Park Idaho (Madison River) went. The weather was as expected, cold and snowy. That didn’t stop us from getting our feet wet. The river was the lowest that I had ever seen it. That condensed the fish into the deeper channels changing the fishing completely from the busy season. There was a nice midge hatch going on when we arrived at Reynolds Pass pull off, just below earthquake lake. I ended up catching my share of fish for the day (over 15 rainbows and one Brook trout). They weren’t the biggest fish in the river but they gave a pretty good fight. I caught ¾ of the fish on a red WD-40, which was surprising due to the fact that the midge hatch was a dark olive (I didn’t understand it either). Overall it was a good trip. My family enjoyed seeing Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.


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    Default Re: Madison River Fishing Trip (Island Park)

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the report. The red fly was just something different. In the conditions you describe it may not have looked red to the fish.

    I haven't forgot that fly box and I know that the dead line is coming up.


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    Default Re: Madison River Fishing Trip (Island Park)

    Nice report JC.

    I (As yet) do not fish the fly. However, I do like to read a good flyfishing report and I do admire the artistry in both the casting techniques and the tying or a good fly.
    My thought was the same as Frank. ie: Do some colours appear the same to a fish.
    I know they can be fooled by artificial lures (Not bought for the purpose but..) such as:
    1. A 2mm piece of rubber (My 3 braincells cannot think of the word I need right now so bear with me) outer covering - Black with white inner - to an electrical wire (old type) can be used and mistaken for hempseed.
    2. A tiny slither of orange peel maybe mistaken for a maggot? or liked for the flavour it leaves in the water.
    (My old joke was of a roach I caught when he took the pith! )
    I suppose the above answers the 'are they fooled' bit.
    anyway, I waffle too much as you can plainly see.
    All I wanted to say was: well done my friend.
    As I read that report I was at your side! Good stuff!

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    I agree with you on the color thing. I know that certain colors change to a different color when they are wet. I make a soft-hackle wet fly that is normally tied with grey thread, but I tie it with a yellow thread.


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