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    Default Would this idea work?

    Carp fishermen (I know it's a flyfishing site but...) use remote control boats to cruise across a lake to deposit groundbait in exactly the place where it is needed.
    What about a remote control Helicopter that you could attach a fly line to that would fly over a good distance to where the trout are rising and place a fly just right?
    or drop a few insects on the first approach to get the trout excited before the actual fly is used!
    You could of course have a larger variety and attach a hand-grenade but that wouldn't be sporting would it!? Could I get a restaurant interested?
    ......just a thought.
    Have you any wacky ideas for improving your chances of catching?

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    Default Re: Would this idea work?

    Jake, I get sea sick in a boat and a helicopter would scare the wits outa me! plus the fact the Englishmen never Hover! Lurk we might, Stalk we may but, hover never!
    next wacky idea please........

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    Speakin of fishing with hand grenades.
    Back in the late 1800's unscrupulous entrepreneurs would go up to the South Platte river in South Park and dynamite the river. They would take wagon loads of Colorado Greenback Cutthroat trout to Denver for sale in the markets.
    The practice almost lead to the extinction of the species and prompted the State to create the Dept of Fish and Game.
    The fishers, if you could call em that, were outraged. Many gun battles ensued on the banks of the Platte until the situation was put under control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Fogerty View Post
    Great story Yata. That was at a time when men, were men, and sheep were scared!
    This still applies in certain parts of Montana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Fogerty View Post
    The sheep connection or the blasting?
    The sheep.

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    Default Re: Would this idea work?

    I think it disgusting and people that fancy sheep:
    Should be BAAAAAA'd Ewe know who ewe are!

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    Hi I'm new to this where to I ask a Question

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    Default Re: Would this idea work?

    Hi bucbug.

    click The Lodge above, Open a new topic and off you go!

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