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  1. Default Any military personnel on here?

    Current or previous. I am thinking about joining and just wanted to know if I could chat with someone other than a recruiter.


  2. Default Re: Any military personnel on here?

    Three generations of Military here. I did 12 years and had a great time. I personally recommend that everybody do a stint in the Military between High School and College, and do 20 years if it works out for you.

    When I joined it was to do 4 years. Had a great time, spend a bit longer then planned and only seperated because I had other objectives I wanted to concentrate on.

    My bit of advice, go Air Force and make sure you go in with a guaranteed AFSC, (type of job).

    When you have served your country, not only do you have all the rights of an American Citizen, but you've earned them.

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    Default Re: Any military personnel on here?

    Tough to give advice on whether or not to join. Your life changes so dramatically and you are worked so hard mentally and physically that you will cuss anyone that had anything to do with your being there. That's at first and only temporary. After basic training you will be trained for a specific job. After that you will go to work like any other job.
    I was drafted and wouldn't trade that experience for a million dollars. In fact to this day most of us old draftees think everyone should serve. Best of luck to you.

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