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Thread: Well, I am back!

  1. Default Well, I am back!

    Foot is getting better thanks to the 9 pills I have to take each day.. Which sucks.

    I have been upgrading my forums to the newest release of vBulletin which is a complete redesign of the core.. It is so cool.. Hacks now are plugins so I wont have to re edit everything everytime I upgrade.. I have probably 150 hacks/mads iinstalled, which is thanks to the 1200 custom pages of PHP that I had to code to get them to work.. Yes, it is a pain in the ass when I have had to upgrade.

    I have got my forums back up along with most of my gallery and my portal. As well as a couple of my hacks.

    I should be done in about a week. I hope. I am still working on my skin, which i am going to have to alter to work with the new vbulletin format.. Fun Fun, not!

    Check it out!

  2. Default Re: Well, I am back!

    So... you are alive. Welcome back dude!!!

  3. Default Re: Well, I am back!

    alive, but only barely.. I think I may pull through. Donna gets back from her 5 week business trip to chicago this saturday..

  4. Default Re: Well, I am back!

    Welcome back mike. i was starting to get worried.

    Think youll be good for a trip with me up north next summer?
    Remember, we ALL live downstream.
    Fishing to live, living to fish

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