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    Default Good Winter Snow boots.....

    For years I wore the ol' reliable Sorrel snow packs, a couple years ago I found a very nice pair of Kamics with the removable liner and have had no issues with my tootsies getting cold so I have no complaints about these boots other than they can tend to get a little heavy after a while.

    Recently some friends have gotten into another Snow boot by the name of 'Bogs', they are a slip on neoprene boot with no laces whatsoever and they are also knee high. With me spending so much time outside this Winter I decided to take some of my Christmas $$ and get an extra pair of boots so that I can switch off and let one pair thoroughly dry whilst wearing the other.

    So far this boot has been extremely comfortable, warm, and the lightness is very welcome. So if your in the market for a new pair of lugs you may want to take a good look at these, the pair I purchased were 69$ on sale.

    A question comes to mind here also, with the neoprene being so comfy, and fitting so nice and snug, I'm now thinking that some of the better Breathable waders coming with a permanantly attatched pair of neoprene/rubber boots may be in my future, I don't tend to do much hike in fishing, so a pair of these waders just may fit the bill. It sure would save a few moments when getting ready to hit the water.

    Have any of you folks been wearing these waders? and how do you like them?

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    Default Re: Good Winter Snow boots.....

    Simms makes a bootfoot using muck boots, I believe it was something new last year. I hear that is a great pairing.

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    Default Re: Good Winter Snow boots.....

    Thanks Mike, I will take a peek at them.

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    Default Re: Good Winter Snow boots.....

    My friend just invested in a pair of Freestone waders with the custom boot foot waders that simms offers unlike other boot foot waders, he says these are actually comfortable. More comfortable than his wading boots, that are simms by the way. Muck boots are very comfortable I know from experience. But he states he can spend all day in them if he wanted to. Simms uses the Muck Wetland boot.

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