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    OK, not to sound all sappy and stuff, but I want to thank every one for makeing this a great place to hang out and talk, learn new things and help others with what I know. EVEN with the heated debates once inawhile you all are great people. I have never been in a forum like this one, most are a waste of time. I do apoligize for my typing and spelling, I have a degree in wildlife biology and could talk all day about hunting and fishing and know what I am saying( mostly lol) but I'll be damn if I can spell or type worth a dang. I love the fly swaps, what a great way to share patterns and see what others ty and kill some down time in teh winter. The moderators are great and very hepfull about posting and other things.
    Best of wishes to all
    P.S. No its not the pain pills talking LOL

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    Nice, I try.


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    Thanks Bear. Now stop being all sappy.
    I agree, this is a great forum.

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    Hi arfishinbear,

    Thanks for the kind words. The great people on this forum is what makes it the best.

    Hey, maybe we should call you Sappy.


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