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  1. Thank you Steve!

    I received the rod case you sent me today! It is perfect! It fits both my 4 piece rods with reels attatched and it is awesome!

    I also received the Fishpond pack you sent me a couple of days ago and it is nicer than I thought it would be!

    Once again The Full Creel has gone above and beyond in customer service and quality of the products! I am once again sold on the shop!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Default Re: Thank you Steve!

    would you care to post a quick review of the pack? I am looking for a new one. My main question is, is it big and bulky, and can it be thrown over my shoulder?
    Remember, we ALL live downstream.
    Fishing to live, living to fish

  3. Default Re: Thank you Steve!

    This Is the one I got and it rocks.

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