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  1. Default Who do you have picked?

    Hey y'all,

    This isn't at all related to fly fishing (or any fishing, for that matter).

    If any of you watch college basketball, who do you have winning your bracket now? Or who are you cheering for?
    I know that since Pitt lost, my bracket is pretty screwed up.

    I'm gonna pull for Villinova for this one, or maybe Uconn.. I don't know yet. Just seeing if anyone followed college sports here.

    Who ya cheerin for?


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    Default Re: Who do you have picked?

    I have Michigan State over Gonzaga. I was laughed at when i submitted it, but if MSU wins it all i win the 20 person pool

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    I just joined the forum...but i'm a HUGE heels fan so obviously i'm still on cloud nine!!!!

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