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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Hi Kelly,

    Although I have not caught a lot of ripe coho however I have caught a good many of this specie in general. I will guess the fish in the picture in the 14 -15 lb range. I think we may be able to agree that 15 pound is not a small fish. The only reason I sent the picture of that silver to Dan was that as I had said earlier, it was bigger than most king salmon I catch. I am not meaning to disparage the fish you landed but my experience with these fish started in 1989 working as a commercial fisherman in the gulf of Alaska and the Cook Inlet fisheries. We saw a lot of salmon. Having been a salmon fisherman since 1979 also helps me to keep perspective when I think back on fish landed. From Atlantic salmon Grilse and Landlocks to the Great Lakes and their tributary rivers and now resident here in Alaska I have seen a few salmon. The point of reflecting on this one fish was that it seemed to stand out as being exceptionally large as in depth and fatness. I have never before or since seen one like it and I do regret not retaining it until it could have been certified by the State.

    [Edit] Had to look around the auxiliary drive a bit but found this picture taken by a fellow I took on a float trip. We managed a few bright fish but I had the honor of getting hold on this one. John had never salmon fished so we photographed the catch and took notes for his record of the trip. The colored male I am holding was a 30' 10 1/2 lb and Johns' fish went 27" and about 8 3/4 lb.

    Silvers don't hump up like Pink salmon do. However their morphology does change as they ripen into the spawning stages, hence the visual difference in size and appearance between the two fish. The ripe male exhibits a noticeable rise in the area behind the head and this will become more pronounced as the fish ripens. This is thought to be an asset when the males are showing for hens and competing against each other over the Redd's. The humping makes them look larger to their adversaries thus helping them to drive out the competition. Although the fish in the pictures only differed by 3" of length and 1 3/4 pounds the ripe fish does appear to be much larger



    This was the best example I could produce of variances in appearances between fresh and ripe male coho salmon. The fish that Dan ran the formula on was caught in tidal water as it was exiting the ocean to a river. The fish was just plain big (for lack of a better term) and I was fortunate to have landed such a specimen. I certainly wish you the same kind of good fortune on your next visit to the Alaskan fisheries.

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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Regret not my friend, that was a hell of a fish and it will always be with you. Cheers!
    The best laid plans of mice and men...

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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    You guys are way too good at math for the likes of me. I teach English so if you want a poem written about that monster let me know.

    "There comes a time in every man's life when he is either going to go fishing or do something worse."

    -Havilah Babcock

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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Quote Originally Posted by kglissmeyer1 View Post
    Here's a good Silver I caught on Kodiak Island at Buskin Lake a few years ago. Spot on at 36-inches. I always wondered what it weighed.

    I did a quick estimate on it and it's about a 21 lb. fish. As you can see by the records I posted, you are now welcome in the "Geez, I wish I had known what the record was." club.
    Pretty fish too.

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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Ard, thanks for the info, no disparagement at all brother. I got a kick out of this thread and was mucho impressed with the fish you caught. Now I'm even more impressed with the one I caught since I had thought it was in the 15 to 20-lb range, but never really knew. All I know is that it was a blast to hook, fight and finally land. That day I had another dozen or so fish I hooked, fought and lost. I think that the morph of the kype really lends to the fish being able to throw the hook during the fight. We weren't intentionally targeting the ripe fish, but it seems they were the one's we found in that particular lake.

    Thanks for the info DD.

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Hi Everyone,

    I think there are a lot of 15lb to 20lb Silvers caught in Alaska. There are just not a lot of them using a class tippet or even fly gear. Most wouldn't even think about a record, it would just be another big fish. The Alaska Coho record is 26lbs caught in Icy Straights. That means it was more than likely caught trolling.

    So Ard may have more than just a fly rod record.


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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Nice fish, Ard and Kelly!

    Nice math application, Dan.


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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Here some good methods of estimating a salmon's weight - all vary though!

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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    HAHA I hope one day I can say that!!! Maybe I'll say that in June when I head up to Bridgeport, CA. Wish me luck!!!!

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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    Both are beautiful catch.

    Ard... that must have been one hell of a fight. He's HUMONGOUS!

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