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    Default Re: "Wish I had known the record" club

    LMB are very deceptive in their weight as most of it comes from their belly. Maybe I'm way off here but it looks like about 8lbs to me. I wouldn't guess anything over 10lbs.

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    I figured somewhere in that range also. Here is another picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okiefshr12 View Post
    I figured somewhere in that range also. Here is another picture.
    Great fish! If you know the length it's much easier to guess! 23 or 24 inches 8 to 10 lbs , 25 to 26 inches 9 to 11 lbs . This is nit an exact method but it's usually pretty close ! If you knew length and girth I could give you a very close guess!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    That big bright one; actually he ran strait upstream and into a huge pool about 80 yards above me. I went up there and once I turned him toward me and got him coming to shore head first and fast I scurried back into the bushes and slid him onto the sandy shore with little commotion to speak of. It just took a little while to hoist him toward the surface and get him turned, after that is was short and uneventful. I've had smaller fish take off down river and make me follow them hundreds of yards all the way to the surf.

    This one grabbed a size 6 'Ard's Nine Three' tied on a little Partridge Bartleet hook while I was trout fishing about 3 weeks ago. It was almost 33" long and very fat for a ripe male. I was using my 1979 Far & Fine 5 weight and a Featherweight reel when this mistake took place. Same deal got him up, turned him and brought him in. The only worry here was the 8 pound fluorocarbon tippet I was using, like I said I was trout fishing............... Even though he was ripe I thought it was beautiful and showing no signs of deterioration as of that time.

    Ard, after reading your post I was reminded of the great Silver I caught in Buskin Lake on Kodiak a few years ago. I posted it early on in this thread, but, because of your pic it bears re-posting :

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    Over many years of fishing I've run into a few fish that would qualify. The only one I tried to register was a King Salmon in MN that was over 24#s. Beat the record by a couple of pounds. While getting the paperwork ready my friend, who was head of the DNR fishing dep't. in Finland MN, called to tell me my fish had already been beat out by about 3 other fish. Caught mine early in the run of fish that were bigger than any run so far. Would have been about back in 1980 or so.

    I also caught a bluegill that outweighed the state record on my kitchen scale but couldn't find a certified scale that night and ended up eating it.

    I caught what was a MN record bass in a small lake near St. Cloud. Unfortunately it was before season. This DID NOT come off a bed and I was fishing pike and walleye so NO, I wasn't hunting fish. It went back unharmed and this was before cell phone cameras.

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