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    Default Re: What Line and Tips Are You Fishing?

    Lined up my Sage X 6wt switch with a new 425gr Rio Skagit max Gamechanger.
    Casts nice....I too was blowing anchors.
    Has the steel head green/blue tip section.....way fishy. The rest of the line is day-glow Yellow/Orange, and then add the grip shooter red section, and it reminds me of a Tequila sunrise.....not sneaky enough for me....I may band the yellow section with a sharpy.
    Will bump up to 475 gr next time.
    I carry two wallets of tips 10' and 15'.
    Also throw in a couple Tungston cones to tune my fly weight.....
    It's almost time to swing!!!!

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    Default Re: What Line and Tips Are You Fishing?

    The past 4 days ive fished hard,,dismal hatches and rain,its a week or 2 early still here for mayfly mayhem,,so out came the 11'3 3 weight switch(snapped it on a fish),a 9ft 5 weight and 10ft 6 weight singlehanders,opst commando integrated 200,225 and 250 grain lines with 5,7 and 9ft t8 tips to brilliant 1,2 and 3x trouthunter fluoro swinging and stripping pretty standard beadhead woolybuggers from size 4 to 8.
    Had a blast,caught big fish(10lb plus is big for these parts) and lots of them.
    So im going to have to replace my switch as i cant get parts for it anymore (thats what i told her anyway) and the short sage 3 weight trout spey seems to be calling me.

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    Default Re: What Line and Tips Are You Fishing?

    I have several double hand rods from the Echo Classic 10'6" 6/7 weight up to a 13'6" 7 WT Meiser Highlander. Fiberglass, Graphite and Bamboo. I also have a wide variety of Skagit shooting heads. From the OPST Commando, Airflo, Rio and SA Skagit max short heads in 400-700 grains. Each have their pros and cons. I personally like Airflo lines from the construction of their loops, markings and their durability and performance. Most are floating...but I do have a few intermediate heads for heavy dirty water days. Most places I fish on the Great Lakes...a switch rod is the perfect tool.

    For tips.....I have 7'-10' sections of level T tips from T8 up to T20. I'm most commonly using T14 9 days out of 10 if I have a Skagit short head on.

    I also have a few of the Airflo Rage hybrid "skandit" heads from normal floating to the super secret handshake hover/intermediate series. I can't say enough about these lines. They offer a lot more finesse than a traditional Skagit yet a little more power to punch through a solid wind than a Scandi. Perfect all around tool for a switch rod on the larger Great Lakes tribs. I usually pair these with a 10' Poly or Versileader from Hover to Extra Super Fast sink rates. If I really want to swing deeper through a hole I might couple a 7' of T11 with one. Versatile enough that I can keep the T-8 tips on, tie on a sparser fly and still launch a single or double spey cast.

    And lastly the single hand skagit lines....the OPST Commando. I have a couple of these. One for my 9' 8 WT single hander and one for my lighter switch rods. I'll use a 5'-7' section of T8 with these. I started playing around with these lines because while I like bombing in open water.......sometimes a switch rod is too much. When water is up and I'm forced to fish the back channels......swinging a heavy fly on a single hander is perfect. Brush and tree branches everywhere? Well this used to be go back and drink and tie flies day......Not any more. I can work a nice juicy fly around these obstacles with zero back cast with the OPST. I thought I had retired my single handers for good.....nope.....they have new life.

    How do I keep sense of it all and organized? Well....I'm a total freak I guess. I carry them all in a Berkley soft bait binder sorted from lowest to highest grain weight. Keep the labels and stickers from those line boxes, throw them in a ziplock baggie together with that line and you can it identified and for perfect use years down the road.

    berkley soft bait binder.jpg

    A leader wallet with all of my sink tips. I have a color code system that I use with colored shrink tubing to keep all of these sink tips straight also.

    greys leader wallet.jpg

    Has it created a boom to the industry? You better believe it. If you get serious about can get sucked way down the rabbit hole. Off to my psychologist now.
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    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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    Default Re: What Line and Tips Are You Fishing?

    Been waiting for the new commando groove to see what that is all about.

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    Default Re: What Line and Tips Are You Fishing?

    I saw OPST mention them on social media. Sounded like they are releasing them now at IFTD.

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    Default Re: What Line and Tips Are You Fishing?

    I have a sa spey lite skagit intergrated 240 and 2 8ft 3rd coast tips in int/sink2 and sink3/5 on the way in mail.
    Will compare it to opst 250 and their tips.

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