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Thread: Tenkara Play Day

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    Default Tenkara Play Day

    I decided to take my Tenkara rod and just play around with the red devils today. The ultra light tenkara rods are designed for small mountain streams and trout under 12 inches, so I figured a 1/2 to 3/4 pound RD would give it a real work out.

    For a fly, I selected a # 14 AH hook with tiny bead eyes, orange thread, and gold flash-a-boo... tied to a 4# test leader. The fish loved it.

    This one weighed one pound, and put up a nice fight.

    This one was more on the red side.

    Water temperature was 82 and the fish were nice and aggressive.

    Those red devils come in a variety of colors don't they?

    This one must be kissing cousins to a Japanese Koi.

    Then came the big surprise. I cast to a pair of red devils and from out of no where I see this flash of orange and yellow, and wham... Where did this guy come from? It was nice to have that limber 5:5 rod to cushion the runs and keep the 4# test leader from parting. Fortunately for me, this peacock bass headed for deep water so I wasn't worried about it cutting me off. Just hold on, let the rod do the work. I'm so glad that Shane was along to help me net the fish.
    Three pounds, right on the money.

    And remember all you amateur photographers... what ever is closest to the camera, looks the biggest. Especially if you hide your hand so the viewer has nothing to compare to the actual size of the fish. Now how big does that 3 pounder look? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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    Default Re: Tenkara Play Day

    That peacock must have been fun! Thanks for sharing...-Mike

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    Default Re: Tenkara Play Day

    Nice colorful fish. Always wondered where my old goldfish ended up
    - William

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    Default Re: Tenkara Play Day

    Because Hawaii is "tropical"... LOL
    When people tire of their tropical fish they dump them is streams and ponds... where they thrive.
    We probably have more species of tropical fish in our Wahiawa Res. than are found in most pet stores. Some get quite large. It's a great place for those anglers trying to catch as many different species of fish as possible.

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    Default Re: Tenkara Play Day

    Wow, very neat. Always wanted to tangle with a peacock. Nice job getting him to hand!

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Tenkara Play Day

    You had a great day Congrats
    fish more fish more often,If the hats missn I'm fishn

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    Default Re: Tenkara Play Day


    I had some Tenkara fishermen came to me and allowed me to use it. It was very easy to use and I might pick up one for my 2 months to Japan and Indonesia in August to partner up with a spinning and a 6wt rod.

    Gotta read more about it, thank you for your posting.
    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

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