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Thread: Tenkara? Is it worth a try? Even tho.....

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    Default Re: Tenkara? Is it worth a try? Even tho.....

    Quote Originally Posted by angelo1987 View Post
    Is Tenkara more a dry fly presentation? Saw one guy using a small popper catching bluegills
    It can be, traditional flies are much more wet fly style. Here is a good link with pictures.

    My Best Streams - Traditional Japanese Fly Tenkara 1

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    Default Re: Tenkara? Is it worth a try? Even tho.....

    A few years ago I was giving a tenkara presentation at my home Trout Unlimited club. A friend of many years and a third generation fly angler was in attendance. This guy can catch fish in a mud puddle and is many times the angler that i am. Well, this was not the first time he had heard me talk about tenkara, but he was a bit resistant like many "traditionalists" and to give me a friendly jab, presented me with a large red and white bobber during the Q & A. I brushed it off, using it as a cue to talk about how you can even indicator fish with a tenkara rod, but it was clear he didn't think much of tenkara.

    A lot of our streams in the Blue Ridge are small and crowded with snags, and you have to hike in and bushwack from pool to pool...perfect for tenkara. Well to conclude, my "bobber friend" finally tried it and in spite of three generations of "this is the way you fly fish" he now fishes it almost exclusively on the small streams. Three weeks ago we caught around 70 trout on one of the more well known (heavily fished) creeks nearby. He admitted that it was one of the most perfect days of fishing he has had in his almost 70 year life.

    Tenkara is "radically simple," a tool for unencumbered fly angling, mostly for small streams. I don't feel the need to defend tenkara much anymore, because I know that most understand as soon as they get a tenkara rod in their hand. For me, the snag rate is significantly less and the catch rate definitely more on small water, than a creek rod and reel. You will lose some bigger fish or fast running bows from time to time, but are well matched up to the 16-inch range and I've landed them over 18. With better control and no lag time "getting on the reel," I personally think it is easier on the fish too. If you are a backpacker or biker you simply have to try it; its perfect for the ultralight guy or gal. The learning curve is small too and as others said above, it's the perfect rod for beginners and kids.

    So Angelo, I think an Iwana-11 is a great rod and it is still my small stream favorite. You would be happy with it for a long time. There are a lot of others in the 11 to 13 foot range that would be good too. There are differences in feel, aesthetics, and cost, but I enjoy and can cast easily almost any one I've picked up (and that is an embarrassingly large number). Good luck to you. I hate to point it out, but your interest shows you are already hooked. The on-stream fun will take care of the rest.

    Kevin Kelleher

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  5. Default Re: Tenkara? Is it worth a try? Even tho.....

    The 11' Iwana has been discontinued but there are few of other rods that fill the exact same niche. pszy22 sells a couple on his Fountainhead Tenkara website, and I sell a couple on my TenkaraBum site. There are a number of new companies selling rods, too. A little googling and reading will yield a lot of information.
    Tenkara Bum

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    Default Re: Tenkara? Is it worth a try? Even tho.....

    While on a float trip in Bozeman, MT 4 years ago I pulled out my tenkara rod and was laughed at and teased unmercifully. But let me tell you, even with a 5wt fly rod, after 5 days of "mending" the line as you float takes a toll on ones arms. With the 13.6 foot Amago, I could keep the line out of the water (no mending) and the little rubber grasshopper fly right in the strike zone. If the right arm tires, I switched hands and cast with my left. ( it's that easy). At firs I was a little worried about hooking a larger fish… but I was able to land everything that took the fly. The guide ask to try my tenkara rod… and 3 years later Toby is selling them in his fly shop. Fins & Feathers. LOL LOL LOL

    I have 5 rods and mostly fish warm water (Hawaii). Sometimes a big carp or peacock bass will break my 4# test leader… that's the point, break the leader, not the rod. I regularly land 2 pound peacock bass with my tenkara rods… My largest is a 4 pound peacock and a 3 ˝ pound carp… But by far the most fun are the less than one pound fish…. bluegill, peacock, largemouth, smallmouth, red devils while fishing with my 10 year old grand daughter.

    Yes, Tenkara is designed for small fish and it is so much fun.

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    Unlike most of the other posters who primarily fish for trout with their tenkara outfits, I fish warmwater 90% of the time. I am mainly fishing retention ponds for bluegills, crappie, redears, and bass. I use small streamers to midges under an indicator. I have even landed a couple of 4# LMB. I have also had 2# LMB break my tippet on the hook set.

    As far as stream fishing, I fish for smallmouth bass and white bass. The largest SM was an 18" bronze-back that took about 5 minutes to land. White bass are extremely fun to catch on tenkara.

    I was drawn to Tenkara for its Ultralight Fishing and simplicity. Once I bought my first rod almost 2 years ago, I have only fished with a reel once. That was for steelhead fishing the other day. As long as you use the recommended tippet size of 5X or smaller you should have no problems. I have had nothing but fun tenkara fishing, and I expect many more years of fun to come.

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    Default Re: Tenkara? Is it worth a try? Even tho.....

    Good to hear you are using streamers.I just got my first Iwana & was wondering about streamers.I will be fishing small Mt. streams as well as rivers for gills & bass.What size streamers work best with tenkara rods? I usually throw size 6 & up for bass
    fish more fish more often,If the hats missn I'm fishn

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    Most of the streamers I use are tied on size 8 or smaller hooks. I have tied a few on size 4 wide gap worm hooks. These are hook point up flies. I also have used the streamers tied with the smallest fish skull sculpin helmet. The key to fishing streamers is the weight of the fly and the profile. Keep the profile small like a Mickey Fin and you could use size 2 or even larger. You may also need to use a lob type cast if they soak up water and get too heavy.

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    Let me see if I get this correct. Here are some of my Streamers I use. Hope you enjoy.

    Mike P.

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    Here are some of the fish I have landed with Tenkara. Just to give an Idea. These are the sizes I normally catch.

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    Default Re: Tenkara? Is it worth a try? Even tho.....

    Thanks for the help in getting me started in the right direction.Looks like you have been picking up some nice fish with your rod.Still working on getting a few more items before I can start
    Thanks Again Dennis
    fish more fish more often,If the hats missn I'm fishn

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