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    Default Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    Just learned my wife bought me the 12 ft, Iwana Tenakara Rod from TenkaraUSA (on sale until Monday, dec 1st for $100) for Christmas. Now I have to figure out the rest of the puzzle.

    What's the best line to use... 10.5 or 13 (traditional lines). How critical are the traditional tenkara flies? Will small weighted nymphs and small streamers work well with Tenkara? Why use level line over traditional lines? Are there other good sources of tenkara lines? What other gizmos/accessories have you found useful for Tenkara fishing... BTW, I will be using it primarily on small Eastern Streams.....

    Thanks for your help on this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Really looking forward to giving it a try....

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    Default Re: Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    This is just my opinion and how I started. I personally no longer fish traditional furled lines. But I would get the 10.5 starting off. The shorter line will be a little easier to accurately cast and will be perfect for smaller streams. In Vermont I fish a 11ft line with 4-5ft of 6x tippet.

    I prefer a level line because they are versatile and easy. By a spool of 15lb flouro carbon and wind some up in a tippet spool. If the line you have is too short or too long, just snip it down to length. I use a blood knot and connect a 1 ft section of amnesia hi vis shooting line for connection. I also find this set up is very nice for delicate presentations and its killer for brookies in skinny water.

    You don't have to use kebari flies, they do work well though! A lightly weighted nymph will work just fine.
    Feel free to pm me with any other questions you might have. Have fun!

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    Default Re: Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    Use whatever flies you'd use normally, if you can cast it, you can use it. That said, I like using traditional tenkara flies too. Personally I'd get both kinds of line. They aren't that expensive and it is much easier to carry both and switch between them on the stream than if you were trying to carry two reels or a spare spool to change lines.

    I'd get the circular line holders. Makes carrying and changing lines easy.
    - William

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    Default Re: Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    I have the Amago and just using the pink level line. Plain n simple.
    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

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    Default Re: Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    yea, the level line is easy to adjust to your situation and cheaper by far, clip it off or tie some on, but I did buy a kevlar tenkara leader from Stream side leaders about 14' and it will cast into the wind no problem.

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    Default Re: Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    Tenkara rods are fairly forgiving and inclusive with regards to the type of lines they will fish. For the most part, there aren't many rules along the lines of this will work, that won't work. Bottom line, it really comes down to personal preference.

    I hear from a pretty good cross section of folks, and their preference seems to be split pretty close to 50/50 with regards to furled vs. single strand.

    The good news, lines are not overly expensive. The practical side of me suggests you buy whatever is the cheapest, if it exactly meets your needs, great. If not, you'll better know what you like when you buy a second line.
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    Default Re: Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    I also bought a 18' braided line for ponds around here. it does not fish tenkara style with line off the water of course but with that much coil and that fine flexing tip of that rod two # tippet does not break even when larger fish hit it.
    One of the biggest advantages of this system is that I can fit everything I need to fish in my two back pockets. I love using a reel and won't ever give up the double haul fun, I mean I cast in my yard for fun but regular western gear takes a butt load more space and time to fish, I can go visit my mother in law and run across a creek and be fishing in less than 2 minutes. it's not the end all tool but it can turn a boring trip into a mini adventure. It is in the back of my car all the time and I find myself looking at every creek and brook I cross in the car and counting the minutes to grandma's house.

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    Default Re: Tenkara for Christmas: some advice please

    I'm going to get a Tenkara rod. I've checked the internet, and almost all the vids are guys who seem to be semi-retarded? Why do they do that? They waste most of the vid trying to show how they can tie a knot? (you shouldn't even use a knot with a long rod and dabbing a fly in the water)

    They all talk about knots with the leader and most use a way "too" long line! With chez nymphing a 6' leader works great ...... for a 13' Tenkara, a 8' leader would be optimum. No knots for me, I'll use flouro tippet!

    It looks like fun to me! I'll check around for a modest priced light graphite around 13'.

    It looks great for chez nymphing ....... why do the idiots use long multi colored knotted leaders ....... and pull the last few feet in with their hands? LOL So very funny to me! And most of the "experts" have trouble completing a sentence without stuttering! LOL if they want the price to increase, they will have to pretend they went to high school!

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