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    Default Son's first Tenkara catch.

    My 7 year old caught his 1st and 2nd fish on my Tenkara. Not much is biting yet but he wanted to get out over the weekend so I took him to a small pond on the Malabar State Farm property. He got a couple very small blue gill to bite. The first one went sailing over his head when he set the hook. When he realized what he did he whipped it back again and it landed "safely" in the pond. This is the 2nd one he caught. We are working on his holding skillsSon's first Tenkara catch.

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  2. Default Re: Son's first Tenkara catch.

    Great way to get kids fly fishing. Tenkara rod and bluegill is magic for kiddos!

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    Default Re: Son's first Tenkara catch.


    On a fly rod I was a blue gill catcher years before I figured out the trout. At seven you're giving him a head start buddy

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    Default Re: Son's first Tenkara catch.

    ALL GOOD!!!

    All good!

    Single Mom/ kids: She had an office 'reputation.' Doubted a word of it.

    Not those kinds of fish here, wood drift boat, three day drifts, tents, simple food. Caught fish!! Small RV, the lot of them sleeping, Colman latern on the table, made coffee, stove, hashbrowns, eggs for the lot ready to go. Sleepy face ... 'You got any more of that coffee?'

    Found out later she was asked if 'I had ever done anything inapproprite.'

    " He hugged me once."

    Word got around .... Got to work, a small vase(sp?), a fresh flower on my desk every day for years.

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    Default Re: Son's first Tenkara catch.

    Very cool! He will be excited to go fishing for a long time, congrats!

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    Default Re: Son's first Tenkara catch.

    Congrats to both of you!
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