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  1. Default Super lightweight tenkara rod?

    Hello, I am looking for a super lightweight tenkara rod in the 10 to 12 foot range. I want something under $100 and hopefully around an ounce to an ounce and a half total weight. I really like the suntech kurenai 33 but it's twice what I want to spend. I have also looked at the shimotsuke kiyotaki 30. Which seems like the best option so far. Any other ideas? Thanks, Joe

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    Default Re: Super lightweight tenkara rod?

    I'd ask Chris Stewart, aka Tenkara Bum

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    Default Re: Super lightweight tenkara rod?

    Look at the Fine Mode Kosansui. 320. 1.7 oz with tip plug and a little over 100 bucks... Finding one lighter at that price will not be easy.

    This is at TenkaraBum... I have the 270 model and like it a lot.

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    Default Re: Super lightweight tenkara rod?

    Trout, Trout and more Trout

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    If you like the Kurenai you will be disappointed in the Kiyotaki and will wish you had waited and saved and gotten the better rod. For what you are looking for, the Daiwa Seiryu X 35 is the best for the money.

    I'm afraid what you want just isn't available for under $100.
    Tenkara Bum

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    Default Re: Super lightweight tenkara rod?

    I can also recommend the Nissan Fine Mode Kosansui 320 also it is a fine rod. Largest fish was a 18" rainbow on it. Caught while high sticking a bead head PT with two BB split shot and a Cutthroat nymphing/indicator leader with 4' of 5x tippet. It is 1.7oz and around $100.00

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