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Poll: Level lie users - lilian knot or not?

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    I typically use a section of .17 diameter Mono for my line and attach it directly to the lillian. Before tying a knot in my lillian I did lose a few rigs and haven’t lost any since incorporating it.
    I have used level lines before without the knot and have had no issues. So I guess my response would be it depends on what you’re using for your line.

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    Last year I used a Daiwa keiryu rod that has a very short lilian that would be hard to tie a knot in. I used a level line and didn't lose anything. I have recently acquired a Nissin tenkara rod that has a long lilian, and I may tie a knot in that one especially if I use a furled line (which is another long story: I started building the jig for making furled leaders. My daughter's fiance told me he could make me some gears with a 3D printer so I can put together a makeshift Walton engine, but I am still waiting on those. If they come over for dinner tomorrow I will give him a reminder. But I am not too pushy because he is an IT guy and is in the process of building me a supercomputer).

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