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    Question Owyhee vs Grand Teton

    Been checking out Tenkara Rod Cos Owyhee and the grand Teton. Theyre both very similar (by a hair) in height and weight, and designed to be able to handle larger fish. Im interested in hearing if anyone has fished either of these, and if you were to purchase one what would you go with and why? Considering picking one up but am having trouble deciding on which one, any input would be much appreciated.

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    Never used any of those rods. But I would go with Japanese tenkara rods. They are not expensive and you can find them on

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    Not sure how you came to decide upon that one specific company. But I also am a big Japanese rod fan. Quality of workmanship makes all the difference in the world, and there’s no comparison between Japanese and all the Chinese rods flooding the market.
    I’d suggest reading the extensive reviews on the Tenkara Bum website before pulling the trigger.
    Just my opinion, trying to help you not make the costly journey I made before I got it right.

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    Default Re: Owyhee vs Grand Teton

    You will have to define large fish and the water you will most likely fish. Tenkara Rod Company just offers baseline models and probably isn't a bad way to get started. The owyhee will be lighter and probably more enjoyable to fish with. I know they've gone to Alaska and caught salmon with both models, but speaking from experience, I much prefer the Amago from Tenkara USA and it's close to the same price. The balance is better with the Amago, it's not as stiff so it's more enjoyable to cast both level and floating line, and it's more than capable of bringing in 20 inch fish. Heck, I managed to bring in a pretty sizable silver salmon (not recommended!) while fishing for dollies with beads.

    I use my tenkara for trout, dollies, and grayling up here and save the bigger fish for my western gear. It's much more enjoyable to use a lighter rod and focus on finesse and technique. Some days I'll fish all day, hike 5-7 miles, and walk to my car with a big grin and a weight lifted off my shoulder without ever catching a fish.

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    See my thread I started today on big fish on tenkara. I have the grand Teton and it’s amazing handling big carp. So would be no issue on smaller fish. It is big it is stiff but you can bend that thing An insane amount. I can continuously control 30” fish and bring them to shore with relative easy. I have smaller Japanese rods, same length but less back bone and they are nice for sitting and soaking baits for carp, where as the Teton I find is harder to cast accurately due to its thickness and back bone. However it’s an abosolute bulls eye every time of you utilize the slingshot cAst on sight fishing carp with big flies. I am even considering buying another.

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