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    Default PB on Nymph rod!

    Last weekend, I went hiking with my wife and friends in the Catskills. We found a nice short-ish(4 hours) trail that has a little brook running along it some parts of the way. Since the main event was hiking rather than fishing, I didnt bring out the eagle claw glass rod and reel but my shortest(2.7m) Keiryu rod. Keiryu rods looks similar to tenkara but they have a stiffer backbone.

    Since I hiked a little faster than the group, I had a few minutes to cast a wooly bugger for brookies before they caught up. I caught 2 beautiful brook trout smaller than the size of my palm in the upper reaches of the brook.

    On the way down, I decided to go off the trail to the brook and found this deeper than usual pool. It was probably slightly smaller than the size of a typical bathtub and about 3 feet deep. From the high bank, I just dropped my fly, tan san juan worm into the middle. That was when I saw a fish(strange colors; so I'm not sure if its a trout) right at the bottom. I was hoping the large worm would stir its appetite.

    The fish at the bottom did not move one bit. But from under a huge boulder comes this huge brown trout. He takes the worm, I set the hook, and the fishes in the pool go crazy.

    I fought the fish from the high bank hoping it wont come off. Its went back under the boulder and I hope the 3 lb tippet will hold while it was rubbing against the rock. I radioed my wife from the trail to come to me. Finally I managed to subdue and land the fish.

    I didn't catch more brook trout in the lower pools, but than again I was in shock and probably was not concentrating on detecting the hits. As much as I like catching big browns, this was a brookie stream and I was half thinking of harvesting this fish. But I still released it in the end.

    This is the bigger pool above the pool that I caught the brown in.



    The Brown!

    It measured 20 inches.

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    Default Re: PB on Nymph rod!

    I guess everybody was surprised!

    Nice work.

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