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    Default Tenkara line options

    Has anyone tried using fly line backing for Tenkara line?

    It wouldn't float, but might work well to turn over wind resistant bugs.


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    Default Re: Tenkara line options

    Yes. I've used #20 Dacron. It works until it doesn't. Fairly useless in any kind of wind unless using a heavy fly.

    I've also used running line from an old WF6. Furled leaders of various types. Level fluorocarbon. And self-described Tenkara lines from outfits like Bushi.

    I've had the best results with the last two. Bear in mind I am often fishing warm water for bass, and I routinely ignore warnings about using larger tippets and weighted flies. Haven't busted one yet on a fish; have broken two by clumsiness.

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    Default Re: Tenkara line options

    I'm mostly warm water as well. I want to try from my kayak... though there are lots of overhead obstructions to contend with.

    Sent from the largest mountain range in Florida.

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    Default Re: Tenkara line options

    I have been thinking about tying some dental floss on my tenkara rod and trying dapping.

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    Default Re: Tenkara line options

    A major factor in finding a line combination that works well is where and how you like to fish. Since you are fishing a relatively short line with a relatively long rod, alot of options exist.

    One word of warning to the wise, when fishing a fixed length line system, make sure the weakest link in the chain isn't your rod. There are unexpected situations when something needs to give (high snags, big fish, etc), when it happens, you want to be sure it's the tippet that breaks, not your rod.

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