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  1. Default Got 5 days in Mid August to Fish

    Im off for 5 or 6 days in Mid August. Can travel anywhere in the US, but have easy access to east coast as well as I am in DC. Looking for Nymph fishing for my wife and would like good dry fly fishing for me. We have waded in MD, PA, and VA catching some nice rainbow and browns.

    Willing to pay for Quality private water.

    Any Ideas?

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    Default Re: Got 5 days in Mid August to Fish

    You'd want to research the place, but maybe Eastern Tennessee?

    Years ago, I was headed west from your region, went through Cumberland Gap, and eventually ended up camping in the area. There is some trout water there, and I think you could access it in a day's drive from your place.

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    Default Re: Got 5 days in Mid August to Fish

    Might stick to the east coast. Things very hot here in Montana, and we have tons of beetle-killed trees just waiting for lightening. Pretty smoky here today. Good luck!

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