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Thread: Far western MD

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    Default Far western MD

    So my fishing pals and I are planning a camping and fishing trip the last weekend in September. We have (for now) settled on far western MD, for several reasons. We all have and lisences already so we save a little money, and we all really haven't fished that area. We have camped there many times, and I know of many small streams in that part of the state. We will be camping just west of swallow falls and I have a few questions.

    1. Do any of those streams have notable fish populations? It wouldn't surprise me to find trout in there, but we only have 2 days and don't want to burn a day on unproductive fishing.

    2. I have been looking in to the youghiegheny below the falls, which is reported to be a pretty good fishery for a few miles, what about above the falls?

    3. There are two smaller lakes not far that I haven't found much info on, lake Herrington and lake koshare. Anyone tried these out for fishing?

    Any info would be great, we will have a good time regardless, but a much better time with a few good catches!

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    Fish the Savage upper section. Or the North Branch.

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    Planning on hitting the savage and/or casselman on the way home Sunday.

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    The Casselman used to have a rep for being too warm in the depth of summer when the resident fish kind of disappeared.

    t is an excellent spring and early summer stream well up into PA. I have had many memorable days on that water even with outsized Brook Trout.

    Check it out before you go.


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    North branch was always very productive and last week in september the water should still be low enough and wadeable. this time of year i would recommend good sized streamers. we always did well with black and white clousers in a a nice size 4. I think we used to park down off of Kempton Road.

    I am a huge fan of the Yough. we fished it real hard all year round and honestly i would start right at the dam and work south. that what we always did. dont be scared of any wild exasperation about the releases and being swept away. you can find times online and the warning bell goes off loud and strong. its great water that runs cold and clear all year thanks to the dam and the lake and the trout stay happy. have had plenty of great days there.

    those have been my 2 favorites for consistent good fishing although i know a lot of people who love the castleman and the Savage. I have had one single Epic day on the Castleman, the kind days of ledgend, but aside from that ive come away skunked every other time visiting.

    Ive only ever fished south of the dam on the savage and never had any luck. its super technical fishing there.

    enjoy! im recently moved back to MD and really need to get out west next year to fish some of the big waters.

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    Going to Pa tomorrow maybe breeches.

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    Default Re: Far western MD

    I love to fish the Savage but don't miss out on all the Brookie streams all through that area! Stop by Savage River Outfitters - Mike will point you in the right direction...Half the camp sites but up to brookie waters...

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    Ok, I'm leaving Thursday with a friend, will be fishing first thing Friday. I stocked up on some patterns recommended by beaver creek fly shop, blue wing olives, caddie, stimulators, and a few nymphs.

    The plan is camping in the snaggy mountain area, and hitting both the yougheogheny and the smaller tributaries. The site I hope to get backs right up to a small stream so should be a good spot to start. 2 wt, and 5 wt rods are coming, fresh leaders and tippets aplenty, and some new techniques to try. Hopefully it all adds up to fish!

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