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    Default Re: Waering Wading Boots on a Plane

    Quote Originally Posted by denver1911 View Post
    I've not done it, but am contemplating wearing mine to/from Christmas Island to leave room/weight in my bag for other useless stuff I surely won't need there.
    I did it for this reason on a bahamas trip once where I could not check luggage. Everything had to go into one roller bag, so my flats booties went on my feet. They were dry enough for the flight home, which departed about 18 hours after they were last in the salt water.

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    If you do wear them on the plane, I would hate to be the one sitting next to you. After a 1-2 full days on the river my boots, (SIMMS) can start to smell a little funky... I have to set them in the sun for a couple of hours for them to completely dry out and get rid of the ripe smell... Even then, I can imagine the smell they would produce after wearing for a couple of hours and wondering through the airport...

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    Default Re: Waering Wading Boots on a Plane

    Don't wear studded boots into the grocery store. They do not grip on linoleum or whatever that hard flooring is.

    If you're self-conscious going in in your waders, just think how embarrassing it will be when you're on the floor

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    Default Re: Waering Wading Boots on a Plane

    Quote Originally Posted by ottosmagic13 View Post
    I would never do it for the hassle alone...going through security would be such a PITA regardless if they had time to dry or not.

    Buy a 5$ pair of slip on sandals if you don't have another pair of pack-able lace-less shoes.

    Pack the wading boots.
    This 100%, even 100% dry my wading boots stank!!!!

    I either wear flip flops (even when coming back to Michigan in mid winter, lol) or i throw my running shoes on since they are easy to slip on/off at security.


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    Or get TSA Pre-Check.

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    Default Re: Waering Wading Boots on a Plane

    When I heard this question I immediately pictured the cartoon of the guy at the wedding altar with his golf clubs..."This isn't going to take all day is it?"

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    I do but only Patagonia flats boots for reasons of more room in my Abel bag...I do not check I carry on for stream/river wading boats no... even if I would fly to freshwater...cannot imagine wearing size 13 Korkers for stocking foots on a plane wet or dry...but if these fresh water boots are like my Pat flats boots for wet wading rather than for stocking foots... then sure I would do it to save space on my carty ons...

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    Default Re: Waering Wading Boots on a Plane

    Did a recent trip to the East Coast. Packed my dress shoes, suit and neoprene wet wade socks but, wore my Simms Riprap wading shoes with socks on the plane. For wet wading streams I switched my socks for the neoprene wet wade socks. No issues with the Ripraps' they slip on and off and they dry pretty quick. I also wore polyester/nylon fishing clothing that I could wash in the hotel room and hang to dry overnight. Makes packing much easier. Neoprene socks dry quick to but I packed them in a gallon ziplock bag just in case.

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    Default Re: Waering Wading Boots on a Plane

    Wonder what kind of looks you'd get from TSA personnel? Yeah, to echo some others, I wouldn't consider doing this.

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