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    Default New Orleans in April

    My wife and I are going to a conference in New Orleans at the end of April. Looking online I see there are many fly fishing guides, but I wonder if anyone has any particular recommendations? (My wife doesn't fish but enjoys looking at the wildlife.)

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    Default Re: New Orleans in April

    I just moved from New Orleans. Unfortunately I wasn't fishing there. I do know that theres a lot of fishing around grand isle. Approx 2 hours. If you need places to eat, feel free to ask.

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    Default Re: New Orleans in April

    I have no personal experience, but the sea plane trips offered by Theophile Bourgoeis (pronounced toe-feel)look like a lot of fun.
    The Chandeleurs really start to turn on that time of year if you get a weather window to get out there.

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    Default Re: New Orleans in April

    Jeremy Chavez guides there and then part of the year in Texas. I’ve never hired him or any fly guide, but I see some of the folks on a local Texas forum use him over there and it looks like they get some big fish.

    I used to see him around in some of the spots I fished here locally in Texas. He seemed like a pleasant young guy and takes some nice photos of fish and wildlife. If I remember it, he was an accountant but left that and then pursued his passion for fishing and that led to guiding.

    Just an idea. Maybe someone has first hand experience with a guide there.

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