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    Default Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    My family and I are taking a trip west the summer. Im in Pennsylvania and we're driving out for our vacation. We have a rental property reservation in Driggs ID for the 2nd week of June. We plan on spending a couple days in Yellowstone, Deadwood and Jackson Hole area. During that time I will have a few days to fish. Is there any spot that I should hit while in the Yellowstone / Driggs ID area. Most of our time will be spent staying at Driggs. I am not a person that has to catch a ton of fish or huge fish to call it a good trip. So I'm not worried about numbers or size. If I catch 1 cut throat I would be beyond happy. I'm not looking for a secret hole only more of a general (hit this section of Henrys Fork). Any help in narrowing down my selection of places to fish would be helpful.
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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    Driggs, ID?... Not familiar with Briggs

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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    Quote Originally Posted by osseous View Post
    Driggs, ID?... Not familiar with Briggs

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    Sorry it is Driggs. My phone was auto correcting and I didn't notice.

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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    You are in the heart of some spectacular fishing. If you want Cutts, I would HIGHLY recommend you float the South Fork with a guide, or for a real adventure- the Teton. Both offer outstanding cutthroat fishing. Also- don't miss the huckleberry milkshakes at the Victor Emporium.

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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    There are couple of walk in spots on the Teton you could fish. I would hire a guide and fish the Henry’s Fork near Ora/Chester. The valley streams all look great, but irrigation takes most, if not all, of the water later in the summer. Bit*h Creek has some walk in spots. Worldcast Anglers in Victor should be able to hook you up.

    Really pretty area. If you like to day hike there are some excellent trails to the east of Driggs. Rent bikes in town as the area is bike friendly and there are nice bike trails/roads in the valley.

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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    You might be able to find some good salmonfly or caddis action below box canyon on the Henry's Fork, but the railroad ranch section doesn't open till June 15th. In YNP the upper Madison and Fiehole will probably be fishing well, the Firehole is somewhere every fly fisherman should at least stop and see. Depending on snowpack and weather, most freestone rivers could still be high with snowmelt, so don't overlook stillwater.

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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I'm pretty excited about going. I have some health issues due to being in Iraq so I want to hit some spots now in case my health gets worse. I have the time so even if we go over our scheduled dates I can stay a few extra days.

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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    You may want to get the book Fly Fishers Guide to Idaho by Ken Retallic and Rocky Barker. Retallic is based in Idaho Falls and Barker lived there and both worked for the Idaho Falls Post Register. They know their stuff and give a lot of details about access and such.

    Another good source is All Seasons Angler in Idaho Falls. Jimmy Gabetas is always willing to help.

    I lived in that area (Pocatello and Blackfoot) for 10 years and there is a wide variety of fishing. For instance, the Teton is great, but there isn’t a lot of wading access. The South Fork has more wading access if the river is at a reasonable flow. I have seen the river at 11,000 CFS or less at that time of year, but remember one year when the flow was more than 27,000 CFS.

    There are tons of options, but it depends on access, runoff and weather. A guided float will get you to water you would never see otherwise. As others have said, that is too early to fish my favorite parts of the Henry’s Fork, but that river is not as dependent on runoff conditions because it is largely spring fed.

    You should have a great time.


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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    Second week of June puts you right in the midst of big runoff. Driggs is in an awesome location for great fishing for sure but you will need to pay attention to the water levels. Some streams and rivers come down sooner than others but this is an area of notorious big water at that time. Consider still waters for this time of year as well. Floating on the Teton would be appropriate for the higher water as there is a god bit of flat water and some of the smaller streams come down sooner for wading access. I fish this area every year and mid June can be a chore finding good water to comfortably wade. There can be and usually is quite a bit of snow in the upper forest reaches at this time as well. Maybe plan on a little more time in Yellowstone and the areas east of the park when you are up there. I think you will be best off thinking Teton....there is more than enough water and areas t keep you busy for the few days you have to fish and this river holds some incredible fishing opportunities...and all close to Driggs to boot!

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    Default Re: Fishing/family trip to MT and ID

    Thanks for all the info to think about. I enjoy planning a trip almost as much as doing it. I think from the responses Teton is a definite place to hit and also firehole in YNP. To be honest I didn't ever remember hearing anything about Teton before this thread. So it intrigued me. Additionally I believe getting a guide for at least a half day trip to point me in the right direction sounds like a plan. I have never been in the Driggs ID area before so a little guidance will help a lot. I was in YNP about 15 years ago but not for fishing. As I start to develop my plan of attack I will update everyone. And post pictures apon completion. I talked to a guy from Project Healing Waters today that I believe will be a wealth of knowledge also. After Christmas I am going to visit him and take some of his classes. He also invited me to a few fishing events so I'm pretty excited. (I'm a disabled vet but never looked in to the organization before a few days ago) I also run a disabled veteran fishing event for my area so he is going to send some of his vets to my event. Between everyone here and the knowledge he has I believe I will have a great trip. Keep the info coming I appreciate it all.

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