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    Default Florida Keys in March

    Family vacation (not a dedicated fishing trip) to Marathon Key in March. I figure I will get in some DIY shore/wade fishing each morning while the rest of the family are still in bed (my kids adhere to the rule of getting up at the crack of noon on vacation). I am going to bring an 8-wt rod with floating and sinking lines. I have a box that will hold about 15-20 flies: what should I put in it?

    And should I bring my easily packable keiryu rod? That could be pretty interesting.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Florida Keys in March

    Park out behind the baseball fields (Google Earth is your friend on this one) and fish that flat there. I've hooked tarpon there (hooked, not landed) while wading for bones, tarpon took a Borski shrimp on 8# tippet...the first jump was fun then the movie ended. Bonefish in that area are seemingly more fond of sliders and such but those Borski swimming shrimp are my go-to there. I've never seen a permit there but seeing a tail pop up certainly wouldn't surprise anyone along that stretch.

    As far as flies, if you are only taking 15-20 (????), I'd put in mostly size 2-4 tan and brown flies, mostly beadchain eyes, at least a few that are weedless. Not too heavy on flash.

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    Default Re: Florida Keys in March

    Quote Originally Posted by hatidua View Post

    As far as flies, if you are only taking 15-20 (????)...
    What with the various other family activities, I figure I will be able to get in about 8-10 hours of fishing (depending on packing, I may bring a spinning rod too). So that would allow me to change flies about every half hour if need be, which is far more frequent than usual for me (I have been known to spend a week or two with the same woolly bugger on my line). I have some brown shrimp-type flies and I will bring those. I also have some Gotchas and Crazy Charlies that I though would be useful. What about Clousers, Deceivers, candy eels and things like that?

    By baseball fields, are you referring to the Marathon Community Park?

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: Florida Keys in March

    Quote Originally Posted by gpwhitejr View Post
    By baseball fields, are you referring to the Marathon Community Park?
    yeah, I think that's what it's called but I'm usually so eager to get in the water I don't look too closely at signs hence the Google Earth suggestion rather than relying on my feeble brain

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    Default Re: Florida Keys in March

    So that is the body of water called Boot Key Harbor, right?

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    The issue is gaining "public" access. The flat referenced is also called the "High School" flat which has the baseball diamonds...once upon a time there was access but then development occurred on the road leading to the water...last time I was there attempting land approach I could not find a suitable as in public place to park car and access the's been at least 5 years since I stayed at old Rainbow Bend on Grassy Key but they had beat up but functional 15 foot whalers that came with the room price for half day...and there is a good flat and Tarpon highway off Rainbow...I just a reminder shore fishing requires a FLA license...

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    Default Re: Florida Keys in March

    Are you talking about the ballfield at the Keys community collage and middle school? That is all I seen on google maps.

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    My Google Earth pro shows Ids "High School"...road past is ID 931 Man O War road on south all developed ...with all the development the issue is foot access

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    Default Re: Florida Keys in March

    be careful anywhere you park your car and leave it unattended in the Keys or around Miami, especially around bridges and access sites for fishing......south Florida it is NOT Vermont!!!!!!!!

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