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Thread: Map source

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    I like having physical maps when Iím on fishing trips out west because often cell coverage for Google maps is not available and my GPS does not have as much detail as I would like.

    Historically I have used either a map for a specific national forest, or BLM 100k maps.

    I am wondering if anyone has any other ideas.

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    I use

    It’s great. You can customize a map to precisely the area you want.

    You don’t have to buy two or three maps if the place you want to go happens to fall on the margin of several maps.
    -Rick Allen

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    I've always had good success with recreation atlases. I fish mostly Idaho and Idaho has an incredible Atlas. You get most of the benefits of a map plus it points out waterways and campgrounds and other landmarks that can help you figure out where you are.

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    I too prefer hard copy for fishing/hiking/backpacking. I still use the USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle topo maps, almost all of which are available on line for free download. I enlarge/splice together electronically on 11 x 17 format, add notes, and print out prior to the trip.

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    When fishing in Maine, no one (no one !) ever goes anywhere without a "MAG"
    The Delormiers Map and Gazetteer.
    They are the bible for finding your way around. Better than GPS.
    If the western editions are as good as that one, it's all you need
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    I use Hiking Trail Maps, Hunting Units, 4x4 Offroad App | Gaia GPS and download the offline map(s) ahead of time.
    With the downloaded map there's no need for cell service as it runs off GPS with high accuracy and the detail has been fine for my needs.
    I have gone from unconfident in the backcountry to finding high elevation lakes that have no real trail due to this app.

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    Out here in Wisconsin, I have 3 items on the passenger seat at all times:
    1. My Wisconsin Gazetteer
    2. Trout Stream Maps courtesy of the Wisconsin DNR (and my company kindly loaning me their ledger size paper!)
    3. Trout Stream Improvement book, lists all the places that streamside improvements have been made and where the DNR has obtained easements.

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    I use Avenza maps downloaded to my iPhone and iPad. Uses gps. Some of their maps are a little pricey but there are maps customized for many popular fishing areas. Don’t think it would work well for hike in trips but for identifying access points it’s very good.

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    Default Re: Map source

    You can always download maps in Google Maps to use offline.

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