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    Question Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Just did my first post on the forum and I think I initially asked this in the wrong place.. Looking for tips on where to fish lower Deschutes in mid-July:

    My little brother and I will be out at the Deschutes River this month for a single day in the middle of the week. We're going to setup camp the night before and have a full morning/day/afternoon to try and catch some Redsides. I don't think either of us will be fishing for steelhead.
    We are not reserving a guide for this particular trip, quite frankly, because of our limited travel budget..

    So far, I've identified Beavertail Campground as the spot we'd like to setup. I figure since we're not drifting, the road access will be nice, and from what I've read the road north of Maupin and the trail north of Mack's Canyon are solid spots.

    However, we only have 24 hours of fishing and I've also heard July/August aren't the best times for trout here.. Worried about getting skunked. Or more-so, wondering if I've picked the right place. I really want to hook my little brother on a couple trout and I've heard that the Trout Creek/Warm Springs area might be more promising with higher numbers of larger trout..

    Any insight as to where I might consider setting up and fishing when we visit the Deschutes this month? We only have the 1 day but I know if we catch even a few, we'll be super stoked and happy. If they're hogs, it's just a plus.


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    Default Re: Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Beavertail is nice, but given the choice in July I'd choose Trout Creek. It's down a rather bumpy gravel road, but a passenger car will make it and it's better than the tire eating road down to Beavertail.
    Trout Creek has more trout, but you'll need to hike upstream to them so look out for rattlers and poison ivy. It also has shade trees, a big plus, but no drinking water. It's also far from the rafting crowds and partying in the campgrounds around Maupin.
    The canyon is a fantastic place, and Deschutes redsides will ruin you for pretty much any other trout. Get up and fish at first light, nymph deep during the day or rest in the shade, and break out the dries for the evening. The later you can fish into the dusk the better it gets.
    Oh, and no campfires in the canyon, and if you're a smoker you need to be in the water or in your car when smoking (no matter what you're smoking).
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    Default Re: Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Thank you for the insight flav, I truly appreciate it! So, if I'm understanding you correctly, camping at Trout Creek then hiking upsteam (as if we were walking toward Frog Springs Canyon or onto Mecca Flats campground)?

    It's good to know the trail I'm seeing on Google Maps is accessible. We won't be drifting, and seems most of the YouTube vids I've seen in the Warm Springs - Trout Creek area are done via boat.. That's one of the things I liked about the Beavertail area was the ease of access. (Sidenote - we are pretty familiar with rattlers being from Texas, but EVERYONE I've talked to has warned me about them on Deschutes! Lol. Hopefully we see little-to-none..!)

    Ultimately, I really liked the look of Beavertail (the canyon past Maupin) looks super dramatic and rugged.. and I was told there as shade down there too. However, I really want to land a couple trout more than anything. If you think Trout Creek > Beavertail for this purpose, then I suppose I will have to check it out!!

    Any other tips are welcome. Thanks a ton for your input!

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    Default Re: Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Maybe even Mecca Flats would be better than Trout Creek?

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    Default Re: Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by texastomahawk View Post
    Maybe even Mecca Flats would be better than Trout Creek?
    I think you have gotten good advice so far. I haven’t lived in Oregon since 1988, but have been back to fish a few times.

    If I was going there tomorrow for trout I would either go to Trout Creek or South Junction. For Steelhead I would fish anywhere from Maupin down to Mack’s Canyon.

    South Junction is up river from Maupin and has wadeable water up and down stream from the camping areas.

    A couple things to know about the Deschutes and these accesses include the fact that the boats are only used for transportation. Fishermen cannot fish from the boats. Also, Trout Creek is the end of the float for many anglers before they go down Trout Creek Rapids. So boat anglers floating from Warm Springs will often be at the end of their fishing day.

    Also, this is a deceptively large and powerful river that can be an adventure to wade. Make sure you always have a plan in mind in case you end up going for a ride in the current.

    And when you hook a running Redsides downstream and it ends up in your backing, you will swear that you have hooked a steelhead.

    A truly great river.


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    Default Re: Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by sparsegraystubble View Post
    South Junction is up river from Maupin and has wadeable water up and down stream from the camping areas.

    I replied to this thread in the general forum but need to point something out. A couple years back BNSF railroad essentially closed access to the river at South Junction. They put up no trespassing signs so now you can't legally cross the tracks to get to the river there. You can still boat in but there is no legal access from the parking area. Too bad. You can take your chances and cross the tracks or go to Trout Creek or another access point.

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    Default Re: Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Sorry for the out of date info in my previous post about South Junction. If I had still been in Oregon when that happened I would have been doing my best to raise hell iwth the railroad.

    I just can’t imagine losing that great access on a spectacular river.

    Sorry again,


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    Default Re: Deschutes River Day Trip - Needing Advice

    Mecca flat is a good option. It's only a mile off the highway, down a pretty easy gravel road. It doesn't have any trees or water, but you can easily hike downstream and hit all kinds of good water. I was thinking about T.C. because it's a nicer place to camp, but since you're there for only one night mecca is a good option because it's easy in and out.
    Beavertail is still a good option, if you want to go that way. I've camped there many times. There is good water right in camp and just upstream, plus you can drive up or down to find more open water. The road down to B.T. is 11 miles of gravel that seems nice, but it's crushed basalt and it cuts tires, but if you keep it under 20 mph you'll be fine. The trains run on the other side of the river there and because it's on a curve the wheels squeal extremely loudly. It'll wake you up in the middle of the night wondering what on earth is going on.
    Wherever you end up you're going to enjoy yourself. I hope you guys find some fish too.

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