Will be headed to NZ south island on a 2 week trip, Oct. 18-Nov. 2. I plan on a DIY trip fishing the Mararua, Oreti, Matarua, Arapima, Nevis, and Pomahaka. This is my first time down there so I would appreciate any thoughts on fishing Southland/Otago this early in the season (a bit bummed that I wont be able to fish some of the more notable rivers due to the Nov. 1 openers) as well as any recommendations on where to stay. I'll have a 4x4 the whole trip, so access shouldn't be an issue for me. Just don't know if there is a gem that i'm leaving off or if there is something specific I should be fishing this time of year.

I do have John Kent's book on South Island fishing, but would appreciate your thoughts.