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    Default Re: Recommendations Wanted - Rolling Drop-Bottom Duffel Bag Longer Than 30"

    I've been looking for the same kind of bag with very little success. I travel internationally a lot and have seen enough airlines enforce a 62" limit that I'd like to stay under it.

    After some thought, I am inclined to replace my rod tubes rather than my luggage. I just measured the rod tube for one of my 9 foot rods. It is 31.25" long, but each section of the rod is only 28.5 inches. It looks like there's more length and padding on the ends than is really necessary. I think I could make a rod tube out of PVC that wouldn't have to be much over 29" and if I used a larger diameter tube, I could probably save some space and weight over multiple tubes, too. It won't be pretty, but I would only use it for international trips, and I can live with the "Beverly Hillbillies" look. With some of my bags, I think it might make just enough difference to let me pack them straight.

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    Default Re: Recommendations Wanted - Rolling Drop-Bottom Duffel Bag Longer Than 30"

    FWIW, I ended up buying the Eagle Creek Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel 32". It measures 62 linear inches and I was able to lay a 30" tube lengthwise. Most of the bags I researched were either oversized (if fully packed, and the designs of some wouldn't allow you to shrink the bag by not packing it full) or required my 30" tube to be laid at an angle, thus diminishing the effective packing space.

    One thing about a PVC tube. On a recent trip I packed a homemade tube made from PVC in the bag mentioned above. I flew one airline within the US and then a different, foreign airline to my ultimate destination. When I arrived at my destination and unpacked my bag, I discovered that not only had my PVC tube been opened, but only 2 of the 3 rods I had put in it were put back inside and the end "cap" (a piece of cardboard) had not been taped back on; the third rod, in its sock, was just repacked in the bag without protection. I'm truly shocked it didn't get broken in transit. I have no idea whether this was done by TSA or by the foreign airline/security service. When I retrieved my bag in my final US city and was re-checking it with the foreign airline, I could tell that my bag had been opened before one of my US flights but I did not open and inspect the bag (I also did not get one of those notes that the TSA typically puts in when they open and inspect a bag). That said, I also suspect that the bag was opened by the foreign airline/security service before my domestic flight to my ultimate destination. But I have no idea who actually opened the PVC tube. I also had another rod in my bag inside a manufacturer's tube and it was unopened. My PVC tube was not opened on any of my return flights, nor has it been opened on prior trips. So though a small sample size, my personal experience suggests this heightened inspection was a one-time thing, but thought it was worth mentioning.

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    Default Re: Recommendations Wanted - Rolling Drop-Bottom Duffel Bag Longer Than 30"

    Thanks for the heads up on the pvc tube. One trip is a small sample, but it is still something to think about. I doubt that the uncoated pvc looks much different from a factory tube through the x-ray scanner, so I wonder if opening the pvc tube was a function of size. If so, something like a Simms Rod Cannon would get inspected more, too. If the issue really is the bare pvc, I suppose I could make a cordura cover...

    Are you happy with the Eagle Creek bag so far? Does it seem like it will hold up well?

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    Default Re: Recommendations Wanted - Rolling Drop-Bottom Duffel Bag Longer Than 30"

    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    Are you happy with the Eagle Creek bag so far? Does it seem like it will hold up well?
    Sort of mixed feelings. It did its job (none of my fly fishing gear was damaged), but the bag was damaged by the airlines on my trip. That said, the company repaired it promptly free of charge and paid shipping both ways--one of the reasons I opted for the bag was because of EC's warranty. So on the one hand surprised and disappointed the bag needed repairs after only one use (damage occurred on the way to my destination), but at the same time recognize that no bag is indestructible and some baggage crews may opt to heave rather than lift and place bags. I recognize that "stuff sometimes happens" and what really matters to me is how the company responds, and in that regard I couldn't have asked for more from EC. But still surprised it didn't hold up better and of course the best customer service is that which you never need.
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