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Thread: I Went Fishing;

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    Glad to hear a slightly positive post about Alaska for a change ...... Just kidding.

    Glad you got out and good on ya for helping out fellow anglers. I have been helped many times on a stream by a "stranger" and i always help whenever I can with my limited knowledge.


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    Well Ard I'm glad you didn't drown or get blown away before you had a chance to fish!

    Happy you had a memorable trip fishing and meeting new friends as well! Thanks for the story and the photos!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ard View Post
    I'm going to try stepping up my game when it comes to pictures. I'm ordering a waterproof sling bag so I can carry a good camera. I have 2 small cameras that do great photos but both are heavy, too heavy for my jacket breast pockets.
    Just a thought, I know you don't get cell service in most of the areas you are in but you can pickup a Samsung Galaxy S7 kinda cheap and not connect it to mobile service, just use it on wifi when you get back to civilization. They are small and lightweight, have great cameras both for pictures and video and are also mostly waterproof for that underwater shot. I did put my son's in a Life Proof case for extra protection. The camera can also be voice activated making it easier to snap a picture while holding your net. And you can use a microSD card for extra video, pics, music and audio book storage. This is a short video I took with mine a couple of years ago in PA to show the video quality. I had a cool underwater video of a stingray I took but couldn't find it.

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    Good to hear you could fish a bit and catch some nice fish,really happy for you.
    Next week I have two outiings....I should land,measure,weigh and count 400 trout a day or so cheating a bit(electric fishing)

    All these guys fish for me....


    I measure weigh and count I was chosen for this job for everyboby knows I'm the most affectionate with trout


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