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    Default Wapsi River in Iowa

    Been hitting the rivers hard the last few days with limited success on smallies, but quite a few 5 pound pike. Been throwing a big orange streamer for them. The one on the bottom.

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    Default Re: Wapsi River in Iowa

    Just wondering. How long does one of those flies last after being hit repeatedly by pike?

    Nice catch.


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    Default Re: Wapsi River in Iowa

    I have caught four pike on the one I am still using. Most of the takes are swallows, meaning the fly is completely in there mouth. Since it is not getting chomped during the fight I think it has lasted pretty well. I have had one fish waste a fly and caught a dozen on another. Really depends on the hook set. Top of the mouth seems to be the worst cause the teeth are half way down the fly and I think they grind their teeth the whole time you fight them.

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    I know this is an old post but I was wondering what the fly patterns were you had in the pics.

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