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  1. Default Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa

    Just wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share some tips on their favorite fly patterns for this time of year?

    I am new to fly fishing and my first fly rod and reel are soon to be on there way. I am already like a kid on Christmas morning checking my email every 30 minutes to see if has shippped yet.

    I know as soon as I get it I won't be able to rest until I give it a try and if anyone had any advice it would be much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa

    Hey Barber--

    I am not in IA.... so can not help you much with regards to what's working and not right now.

    Th reason I'm replying is two part:

    First-- don't get too anxious to get out on the water just yet. If you are new to FF'ing, I'd suggest putting a puff of yarn (no hook) on the end of your leader and cast in your front yard or local park, or any open area.

    Practice your casts, and then practice your casts, and then practice your casts..... (I have a few IA friends on the forum and know that IA is seeing much the same weather as we are (KS) right now-- most fish are pretty still...)

    Spend the rest of the winter getting your cast sorted, and be ready for some good fishing come spring....

    I really think your experience will be all the more enjoyable if you approach things this way.... (I am, of course, assuming that you are completely new to the sport-- which your OP suggested...)

    Keep rod tip high, 10 and 2, all that... work on casting fundamentals....

    Second-- what are you fishing for? That will help answer the original question about what flies to use......

    'Welcome aboard' -- and there is more help and knowledge on this board than you could imagine-- ask away and there will be plenty of help with whatever you need.


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    Default Re: Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa

    Barber, Raindog is pretty much "Spot On" with his advice. I can just imagine how anxious you are to try FFing on some water. If you do manage to get some warm enough weather where you live in Iowa, try some simple Foam Spyders. They seem to work for me year round....I think I am one of the Iowa friends Raindog is talking about. We were lucky this past weekend and we missed getting 3-6 inches of the snow forecast. I live in Council Bluffs. When I first stated FFing, I had way too much rod movement and was not letting the line load. It takes practice. Please keep trying even if you get frustrated because the rewards once you get the knack are well worth it.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Best Regards, Boser

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    Default Re: Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa


    Don't listen to Boser -- he's no friend of mine--- that guy is nothing but trouble.....

    keep us posted with your progress and successes.

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    Default Re: Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa

    Now Raindog, dont be a telling all you know.... Sorry about last weekend. It appears you got the snow and I didnt. HA!

  6. Default Re: Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa

    That's the good ole backhanded humor you can only find in the midwest.

    Thanks for the advice guys. At this time of year I will be fishing for trout in NE Iowa since that is about the only open water worth fishing.

    I have done a little bit of casting about 15 years ago. I know that I will need a lot of practice to get to a functional level, but I see any trips out on the water chasing trout as practice runs. I'm sure I will catch plenty of trees, weeds, etc. but hey, I will have a damn fine time doing it.

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa

    Barber, A friend and I are planning a trout fishing expedition to NE Iowa this summer. We know we will have to drive completely accross the state but, the research we have done shows there are some great trout places in NE Iowa. I may be asking for some tips from you. I dont have any of my research at hand and I dont recall the names of the rivers, parks, streams but I do know they were up north of Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area.
    I'll PM you once I get my info from my desk at work...

    Regards, Boser

    ps, dont pay Raindog any mind, I think a stone fell off a fireplace he was building and struck him on the head today. He was dreaming of fly fishing...Ha!

  8. Default Re: Good flies for late winter/early spring in Iowa

    Boser, I used to fish for trout pretty regularly 12-13 years ago the majority of which was in NE Iowa. Back then I was pretty much just a spin fisherman for trout and if I did any FFing it was usually for bass or gills. I guess my point is that I have probably only fished the area a few times since then and may not be as helpful as I once could have been. Although, I doubt too many of the streams have changed greatly and I also kayak and camp up there a few times every summer so I am fairly familiar with that area of the state.

    I live in Waterloo which is still an hour away from any trout stream so we used to fish Joy Springs near Strawberry Point, Backbone, and Manchester most frequently, and I know those streams pretty well. Once in awhile we would head up to the Elgin/Clarmont area a fish a few streams. More recently had some good days fishing the streams around West Union. My favorite stream I have fished in Iowa is the Sny Magill outside of McGregor. Just a beautiful area with a good population of native brook trout and it is one of the larger streams that I have fished. The down side to that stream is the entire stream runs through mature forest so I imagine FFing could be a little more challenging. In general the closer you get to the Mississippi the more tree cover you are going to have to deal with, but it is also more scenic.

    Hope this helps you with your trip and if you want more info or have any other questions let me know. I'm sure by the time you come this summer I will have been out many times and could maybe give you a better report. Also check the DNR website to see exact stream locations and stocking info.

    I plan on living forever... So far so good.

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