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  1. Default First trip of the year/ever (IA)

    Got my new rod and reel, tied up some new flies, and headed out friday for my first real fly fishing adventure. I started out at the Machester hatchery stream. I'm sure you can imagine what that first hour of fishing looked like for someone fly fishing for their first time and on a really small stream to boot. I slowly started to get the hang of it at least to the point were I was spending more time with my fly in the water than tangled up in a tree or some dried vegetation. After trying about eight different patterns with no luck I tied on a small midge and it looked like a couple of times trout at least looked in the direction of my fly so I figured I was getting closer. Then another angler suggested using a small shrimp pattern. I was in luck because I had just tied one the night before. I had already realized that I am going to need to purchase some strike indicators, especially fishing those tiny flies that disappear once they hit the water. So, I grabbed a small clump of dead grass, rolled it up, and tied it on as a strike indicator, and I can almost here your laughter as I am typing. Much to my suprise, on the second cast a 14" brookie that I had been watching all morning quickly turned his head and all the sudden my grass indicator started twitching. I pulled back and it was on... well at least for a few seconds. I wanted that fish so bad I could taste it. A few casts later a 10" bow took my fly and spit it back out just about as fast.

    At this point it is pretty safe to call myself an addict. I continued at the same hole for a while with no more luck. The stream was filling up with anglers so I felt that I would be more comfortable at another stream. Ran up to a couple other streams were the water was really low and only a few small, extremely spooky fish. All-in-all it was a great day and I can't wait for my next adventure. Hopefuly next time there will be pictures to share.

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    Default Re: First trip of the year/ever (IA)

    congrats on a fun outing, you took some hits, and now it is just a matter of time before you are landing your first one. then you will be really hooked.


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    Default Re: First trip of the year/ever (IA)

    Congo Rats!!! It sounds like you had a great time. Also, sounds like you have a good grip on things and will soon be landing those strikes. (I am envious-- I'm still waiting on my first hook up for 2010. Heck, I'm waiting on my first interested fish for 2010....)

    By the way (I never followed up, and you may have posted the answer...), what rod did you go with?

    And yes, I laughed at the strike indicator.... (a little ingenuity can go a long way....)

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    By the way (I never followed up, and you may have posted the answer...), what rod did you go with?

    I went with the 8'6" St. Croix Triumph in a 5wt. I really like it although I don't really know any better.

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    Default Re: First trip of the year/ever (IA)

    That is a nice rod-- should serve you well for years.

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    Default Re: First trip of the year/ever (IA)

    Congrats! Sounds like you had a great first trip ever...I'm sure there will be many more...


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    Default Re: First trip of the year/ever (IA)

    Now that is some creative ingenuity... be prepared to learn a lot as you go... 5 trips into the season already for me and I am not the same fishing guy that walked onto the river the first time I think I am actually getting better!

    Best of luck for the next time you go out!


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    Nice to see a fellow Iowan! I fish Spring Branch quite a bit. Where you up stream or down stream from the hatchery?

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    I was just downstream from the hatchery, just past the wall. The area that just gets pounded all year long. I think that added to my enjoyment knowing I got a couple hits in an area that is heavily fished.

    I also found what appears to be a pretty good hatch charts for the streams in Iowa at It has seperate charts for all of the streams in Iowa. I'm not sure if it is just the same chart for all streams, but it seems to be a pretty extensive lists and even gives formulas for tying a lot of the flies. I figure it is at least a great starting point for a beginner like me.

    Next week is spring break and I hope to get out a couple times if the weather and water levels are willing to cooperate.

    Does anyone familiar with the waterloo/cedar falls area know where I can find fly fishing gear, and more specifically strike indicators? I tried Scheel's and they didn't have anything. I'm hoping to maybe find some at the sports show at the UNI-Dome this weekend.

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    I ususally order most of my stuff online. Cabelas has a warehouse location in Prairie Du Chen so even with standard shipping it gets to me in 2-4 days. If you want to make a road trip try Fin and Feather or Gander Mountain in Cedar Rapids. I would call first to make sure they have what you want.

    As far fishing Spring Branch I would suggest to keep exploring down stream. There are a lot of great spots the furthur you go and the walk is pretty easy. As far as others streams I would suggest Little Turkey and Richmond Springs, which are in the same area as Spring Branch. In the summer Richmond is crowded on the weekends in the summer but the further you go downstream the less the crowds are.

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