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  1. Default sssshhhhhhh....steelhead

    Not too many have heard yet due to the early spring, but get those steelie setups ready and head to duluth!
    I am gonna try and get there early next week!

    That is all i have to say about that.

    Drop me a line if you wanna meet up, i always have beer!

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    Default Re: sssshhhhhhh....steelhead

    Have fun with your Steelies. It is so much fun to fight a fish with strength, acrobatics, and speed. I'm just happy to hook into one and feel a tight line for a minute. If the fish throws the hook, I'm a happy camper.

    The spring run is happening in Northern California, too. But the fun thing is that these fish are smaller (16 to 22 inches). Lighter weight gear gets to be used. I like breaking out the 5 weight for these fish.


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    Default Re: sssshhhhhhh....steelhead

    I don't know about spring being so early. It has not been above 12 degrees today and made it down to 2 last night. It's 10 right now. The last two years may just be making you think it's early because it skipped spring altogether, going from winter to summer about mid June. Actually, the year before last it went from winter to spring about mid June and skipped summer altoghether, going into winter in September. I'm 5 hours North of Duluth, so it can't be that much different than here. I'll grant that it is earlier than the last two years, but we had ice on the lake for a month after fishing opener year before last and till the first week in June last year. We still have people driving trucks on the lake right now. As far as spring goes, I'll let you know when it makes it here.(blue for frozen)

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