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    Default Fishing the Red River near Fargo

    I'm living in Moorhead and looking to get out fly fishing more. I live really close to the river and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this river. I'm thinking about just heading into some of the parks a long the river and throwing a fly from shore. I know there is good cats and good walleye in there as well as others. Anyone around there have any advise? Anyone want to head out with me?

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    I tried sending you a private message - not sure it worked, got a weird message.


    I actually spent a fair amount of time last year fly fishing the Red in the FM area. So far my catches have been limited to goldeye and bass, but this year I hope to add carp and cat to that list.

    I am always happy to have someone to fish with. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hit the river. Have you tried the otter tail?

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    I'm here for school. I have been flyfishing the red and some of the little lakes on the way to Detroit Lakes. The only fish I landed have been gold eye. There is some very nice still water and a dock above the dam at main street. The gold eye are starting to jump in the evening and it could be fun.

    The small clear water lakes in MN have had some nice northern. I use neon green salt water streamers.

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    Default Re: Fishing the Red River near Fargo

    Here is some info that was posted here awhile back that is excellent on walleye fishing. walleye fly fishing.

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    I never had any luck with catching cats but I used to go for carp in trollwood park in north Fargo.

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