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Thread: 1st catch FFing

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    Default 1st catch FFing

    These are the first fish I've caught since starting to FF.

    If you look closely they are in there spawning colors. They were hitting a dry fly. I can't tell you what its called because I really don't know anything about flies yet, or fly fishing for that matter.

    This one was a brute. It fought hard.

    They were all caught on a small pond.

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    Default Re: 1st catch FFing

    Congrats and welcome to our addiction!


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    Default Re: 1st catch FFing

    Thanks... it truly is an addiction I can't seem to stop. Now my 6yr old daughter wants to learn to fly fish.

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    Default Re: 1st catch FFing

    So good to see you're getting results How long have you been going at it?


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    Default Re: 1st catch FFing

    I've only been FFing for about 2 weeks. The pictures are from the day after I learned to cast. Since then I've caught a few bass and many many more 'gills

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    Default Re: 1st catch FFing

    Nice. Every since I started fly fishing I can't go enough. I love it too. I'm a new fly tier also and it was exciting to get a fish on something I tied, very simple flies right now but they work.

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    Default Re: 1st catch FFing

    Congrats guys-- sounds like Hal and jcw are both off to great starts.

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