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    Default 1/1/13 Iowa Report

    It was cold yesterday. My first winter fishing trip was full of learning. Yesterday my brother and I made the trek to the NE corner of Iowa to fish some spring fed creeks. The only other people out were a couple of our friends that we met up with. We had the streams to ourselves, which was nice.

    The fishing wasn't great, but definitely better than not being out. I came up empty handed, but my brother caught 1 brown at the first stop and a couple chunky bows at the next. The brown was caught on a sz 14 beaded nymph. The 2 bows were caught on a small inline spinner. We saw plenty of fish, and even some rising fish late morning. I had one brown hit my nymph at our first stop, but couldn't manage to hook him. It was a strange take, and I was still getting used to the cold.

    As cold as it was, hovering around 0 the first part of the day, we weren't that cold except for toes and finger tips. Layer your wool and synthetic base layers. Wear a balaclava over your face. Fishing with gloves takes some getting used to. After a bit I got in a rhythm which was only disrupted by clearing the ice from my rod tip. I will absolutely make another winter fishing trip. It was a great time, despite the lack of fish. Just spending some time on the water with my brother made it a good day.

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    I fell in love with NE Iowa in October after the Minnesota and Wisconsin season ended. I just started fly fishing last year. I went down there just after Thanksgiving before the snow but after the temperature dropped. My buddy and I got some bows. I wound up getting one of the big breeders that they stock after it passes its prime in the hatchery. Quite exciting to say the least to pull up a 24" fish from a little stream. I'm definitely hoping to return in the Winter again. Congrats on having a great day with the bro.


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    Sounds like a fun, but cold day out on the stream. When I see anything below -10* in the forecast, I just stay inside and do nothing. But the days where you're brave enough to put up with that temperature are the ones where you get an entire stream to yourself! Glad it payed off.

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