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    Default Feb 1-3 Highlandville

    I had a great time the past few days in Highlandville, IA. My wife and I decided for Christmas this year we would rather have a mini vacation than things we don't need. Friday morning we left Des Moines around 9AM. We arrived in Decorah about 12:30 for lunch at a little spot called La Rana. It's a cozy little cafe that uses locally grown meat and produce. For being a small town, Decorah has a number of good restaurants and shops.

    After picking up a few groceries we made the drive up to Highlandville and checked into Bear Creek Cabins. I usually stay at The Sportsmen Motel near Dorchester, but having the wife along called for something a bit nicer. Our cabin was perfect. Bear Creek Cabins and Highland General Store and Camping We stayed in the Turkey Roost.

    I went out fishing for a couple hours that afternoon. I hit 3 spots, and landed one rainbow and one brown. Using a two nymph rig, they both hit the midge on bottom.

    The next morning I hit the same 3 spots again with no luck. After lunch back at the cabin, french toast made by my wife, I headed back out in the afternoon to try some new water. I found some slow, deep water under a bridge. The water between the pilings was frozen so that I could step out onto it. Slipping behind one of them I was able to make roll casts upstream, and drift my rig down. I fooled two fish there, and decided to walk upstream where it looked very fishy. I fished a nice deep run, and a couple holes with no luck. After walking back, I fished the other side of the spot under the bridge and managed one more trout. With some time left in the day I decided to run to another stream where I had fished several times previous.

    The next spot was also at a bridge. It may be the biggest, deepest pool in the stream. I had fished it on three separate occasions without catching a trout, though I did catch a pike once. The big fish hid there, I had seen them. With the overcast sky my odds seemed better. Regardless, I was again left without a fish.

    We left Highlandville the next morning. My wife explored Decorah while I hit Trout Run for an hour. I caught one fish from a big pool, and three more in a smaller hole.

    From there we found our way to Elkader. The wife shopped at the antique stores in town, and I drove up to Big Spring for a short stop. In less than an hour I caught five fish. Most were pretty small, but I did have one decent fish that tugged back a little.

    It was a great trip. I'm glad that we're able to fish year round in Iowa. My thumb is still a little frost bit, but it was worth it. I'm excited for warmer weather, and my next trip to The Driftless Area.

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    Default Re: Feb 1-3 Highlandville

    Looks COLD but as you said "Worth It", congrats!

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    Default Re: Feb 1-3 Highlandville

    Nice report, thanks for sharing

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    I love it! My buddy and I are heading down to the Turkey Roost cabin this week from Minneapolis. Thanks for posting the trip. I'm itching to go!

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    Thank you for sharing! I went to college in Decorah and I would love to live there again. It is a good thing I didn't fish back then, otherwise I would never have graduated I my wonderful wife got me a guided trip from a service there in Decorah for father's day, and we ended up fishing outside of Highlandville. It was a blast. I will have to check out those cabins sometime, I really want to get back up there soon.

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