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Thread: Lake Wapello

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    Default Lake Wapello

    Anyone fish it? What can you tell me about it? Gonna be staying down in that area in the coming days. Everything is so flooded down there it leaves me with finding access near a lake... So this is where we will be staying. Hoping someone can shed some light as to whether it's a decent fishing lake. And what species can I expect to find

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    Hey, sorry I didn't see this sooner. I grew up fishing Lake Wapello. The bass fishing is excellent with lots of 16-18 inch fish. There is also a healthy bluegill and crappie population. I'm assuming you've already taken the trip. How did you do? If not send me a pm and I can get you some more detailed advice.
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    Never got there... Car troubles made for a change in plans... Hopefully one day... Looked nice on the web

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    Bummer. Send me a message before you make a trip. I fished it a couple weeks ago, and it's the best it has ever been.
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