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  1. Default Guides for Northeast Iowa

    Are there any guides in the Northeast Iowa region for fly fishing?
    Colorado trip plans might be falling through and need backup plans for this August.

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    Default Re: Guides for Northeast Iowa

    Have you considered SW Wisconsin? Rich Osthoff has a great reputation. I'm sure fishiowa will see this thread and comment. He has hired Rich a number of times. He may have personal experience with Iowa guides too but I'm not sure. And yes there are definitely IA guides that operate out of the Decorah area.

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    Default Re: Guides for Northeast Iowa

    Quote Originally Posted by ia_trouter View Post
    Rich Osthoff has a great reputation.
    +1 for Rich Osthoff! I haven't used him as a guide, but I have read his books, he knows his stuff and if I lived closer he would certainly be on the top of my guide list.

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    Default Re: Guides for Northeast Iowa

    I'm not sure where you are located and if you are locked into Iowa or if you are open to other parts of the driftless. If open I would agree with IATrouter and Larry and give a+1 on Rich Osthoff and SW Wisconsin. Rich does the traditional guide thing and although I have never fished with him that way, he knows his stuff and the SW WI waters well so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

    What Rich offers for experienced fly fishers that is unique is called split fishing. You split the fishing time; so yes, he is the guide but he not only carries a rod but also fishes roughly half the time. To paraphrase from his description, you fish where/how he would fish if he were fishing alone. We have ended up in some pretty interesting places and if you pay attention you can pick up a lot from just watching how someone with that level of experience fishes.

    If you are a beginner go the traditional route and as a retired teacher he will show you as much as you can absorb. If you are an experienced fly fisher and in decent shape (Rich is a very strong hiker) go the split fishing route.

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    Default Re: Guides for Northeast Iowa

    You should also consider Bear Creek Anglers. I've fished with Kent in the Decorah region before and would recommend him.

    Bear Creek Anglers
    The addiction all began on the Cimmaron River in New Mexico...

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