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    Default Any fishing around Lutsen MN this time of year?

    I'm heading to lutsen in a few weeks and I was just wondering if there is any good fly fishing around there. I will be there from Oct 7-9th. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Any fishing around Lutsen MN this time of year?

    Fly Fishing - Lutsen Resort, MN

    check this place out and see if you can fish there. I know you can fish Superior too as well as a lot of the tributaries that flow in. Check with a fly shop up there.

    here's a better link
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    There are quite a few tribs that run into Lake Superior up that way. The one that sticks out in my head right away is the Cascade River, which should still have some pinks swimming around. Otherwise some steel make it up this river, but only to the first impassable falls. The Temperance river is near Lutsen as well. Both have pinks and steelhead do run up the rivers. Those would probably be your best bets if you don't want to run around all over the place. I don't hit the North shore much anymore, because I'm usually down in WI fishing the Brule River.

    There are some resident brook trout in the upper reaches, but that takes some hiking to find the good holes, plus the season is closed. All of the tribs going into Lake Superior from the posted boundaries downstream are open year round. This is mainly designed for the fall steelhead season. Check out the MN fishing regs and maps. It's pretty much from the mouth up to the first impassible barrier, but check the maps for the exact boundary. They are usually not very far from the mouths.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Any fishing around Lutsen MN this time of year?

    Yeah I realized after I posted that the season is closed. Bummer.

    I was told by a friend that there are no steelhead in the rivers around there this time of year. Is this true? It would be really convenient to head out right by lutsen lodge. Would this place be a good place to start? What would be good to throw this time of year? I have a 5wt and a 9wt. I would imagine that if I'm steelhead fishing I should bring the 9 but I'm not sure. What would your recommend.

    I'm heading out steelhead fishing for 4 days at the end of oct. I'd like to get a big of practice casting my new rod before then so this could be a good opportunity. I'm heading out on the brule, so if you see a guy making a complete fool of himself wave...its probably me.

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