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Thread: HELLoooooo

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    any one ever one here?
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    they are all out pike fishing.
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    I've always wondered that too. I never see anyone here.
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    Where are we?

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    bass, pike, and musky fishing. I think id be a good idea to show these guys what a true midwest person can do. I from ND have managed to get a nice eye and and even nicer smallie on a fly. Pike are easy but no large ones here yet. Canada pike are way too easy for me. Spend rest of my time on here. Show them big fish pics guys and girls.
    <*))))>< Fish with teeth ... If I ty it a fish will hit it

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEsox View Post
    any one ever one here?
    Dood, that attempt at a question/sentence makes my medulla oblongata hurt.

    I got a 3 week old baby at home, so don't expect much posting from me.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Congratulations Cliff!!
    Seems as though it was forever ago when you announced, I hope all is well, and please tell Mrs Cliff Congratulations also.

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