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Thread: Fished in Iowa

  1. Default Fished in Iowa

    Wisconsin small stream closed 30 sep

    I almost made it a month without the need for a trout fix.

    There is no place like home.

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    Is that a pic of one of the streams in iowa? I was thinking about going there and fishing for trout. Have you fished there in the springtime? More than one stream? Are there alot of public places to fish? What was your fishing trip like in Iowa?

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    Iowa has lots of public water. Some of it is put and take stocked rainbow water
    and the rest is smart browns.Best bet is to go to an Iowa DNR site and get the trout brochure.

    We fished half a day. I caught six browns and 6 bows. My bud caught a dozen bows.

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    ok thanks

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    There is a great book available about Iowa trout fishing: "Iowa Trout Streams" by Jene Hughes. He has a shop in Des Moines.

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